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Programmed to run through a dial-up network connection

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Information in this article applies to:

Microsoft Visual foxpro for Windows, versions 3.0, 3.0b, 5.0, 5.0a


FoxPro with the RUN command, you can programmatically start the Windows 95 dial-up network connection.

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The following command can be used to start the Dial-Up Networking (DUN) to connect:

RUN / N Rundll Rnaui.dll, RnaDial

Need to check the name for the connection, start with the following command to connect:

RUN / N Rundll Rnaui.dll, RnaDial Test

RnaDial a function of its name and connection name is case-sensitive.

Note: only Rnaui.dll document control function allows you to programmatically dial-up, but not available to programmatically disconnect function.

To view the Rnaui.dll or any. Dll files available in a function, find the file, right-click the file, and select QuickView. Can be output from the bottom of the table are listed in the document to see the programming functions can be used.

If QuickView does not appear in the right-click menu, you need to install the QuickView. From the Control Panel, select Add / Remove Programs and select Windows 95 (or Windows NT) to install label. And then click Accessories and select QuickView.

Following is a table Rnaui.dll documents listed in the output of the function can be used:

Output Table


Name: Rnaui.dll

Characteristics: 00000000

Time Date Stamp: 320c06ce

Version: 0.00

Base: 00000001

Number of Functions: 00000009

Number of Names: 00000009

Ordinal Entry Point Name


0000 0000773e DllCanUnloadNow

0001 00002a80 DllGetClassObject

0002 00007880 Remote_CreateEntry

0003 000029ef Remote_CreateInstance

0004 00003988 Remote_EditEntry

0005 00003260 Remote_Notify

0006 000031b9 RnaDial

0007 000031da RnaRunImport

0008 00007a6a RnaWizard


For more information, please see the Microsoft Knowledge Base article below:


TITLE: How To View Exported Functions in a DLL

Keywords: FxenvOs vfoxwin kbsetup

Version: 3.0 3.0b 5.0 5.0a

Platform: WINDOWS

Issue type: kbhowto

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