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Visual FoxPro 9.0 is more powerful

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Long, foxpro are many products to cover up a charming light, but until now it is still a market for the completion of the best tool for data services


Long, FoxPro are many products to cover up a charming light, but until now it is still a market for the completion of the best tool for data services. With the 9.0 version of the introduction of new and enhanced features, it has not embarked on the road out of date quickly.

Microsoft FoxPro group by the end of 2004 published in the latest version of FoxPro. The news surprised some people because we can often hear some ignorant people have asked "FoxPro? It there ah?." FoxPro societies but in the next version of FoxPro caused a great commotion. The new version will be included in a faster local data engine to support more data types, SQL statements greater consistency in the implementation of a completely re-designed to expand the preparation of statements, as well as a series of features to enhance the efficiency and functionality.

At present, some applications are still using Visual FoxPro to prepare and deploy, but the future of U.S. companies on the introduction of Visual FoxPro and the deployment of a significant downward trend. This is mainly because with. NET flagship language (such as c # and VB.NET) as compared to Microsoft's neglect of the product. Lack of market support for vfp community criticized a major problem.

Despite the controlled (managed) code and strict compiler can generate "more secure", bug less, more solid code - this fact may be true, but the individual can FoxPro developers are in a relatively short period of time the preparation of a full-fledged desktop or Web applications. They need to deal with the complexity of the work is the realization of applications and business logic, rather than trying to understand the framework of heavy components (framework) or, where appropriate, the issue of data binding.

Therefore, you need to worry about some of the designer occasional errors in it? Because Visual FoxPro is still in existence, but it is still of great significance. It is within the scope of their own to meet other single product can not meet demand. In addition, since it can run on cheaper, the old hardware left over from running code, but still be able to implement a modern programming language, hoping for the affairs of which it is still a rebellious organization, a small office with limited resources , independent software developers as well as many governments and government agencies the choice of operation.

Powerful family

FoxPro in order to understand the energy left over to understand the history of its development is helpful. In the mid-eighties, jet engine laboratory (JPL), as with other government agencies, but also the use of micro-and personal computers. These independent engineers and sometimes the machines do not operate so that we can handle a large number of mainframe data set, while also similar to the simple command of English (they can run the command under DOS) to the proceedings of the portfolio. These procedures into the application, and a new type of application developers was born. At that time, the regular use of electronic data sheets and static data packets, but they are more trouble, and cause data loss.

Database is the logic of a large amount of data processing solutions, Wayne Ratliff therefore prepared a database with their own procedures and the addition of a set of data can be carried out in order. "Vulcan" points with an interactive prompt, use the phrase easy to remember, allowing engineers to use a set of short commands to operate their own data - just like the physical operation of the same data set. This process will ultimately become the Ashton-Tate's dBase database program.

"DBase with BASIC, C, FORTRAN and COBOL is different from that in a lot of trouble dBase program of work has been done. DBASE data maintenance is not completed by the user, so users can focus on their own matters, and to deal with without having to open, read and close the document, the management of the space distribution of these problems with the work of strangulation. "- Wayne Ratliff

After its release a few years, a large number of cloned products dBase impact the market. FoxBase as a result of high-profile high-speed and stability of access to a lot of fame. In addition, Fox is very agile group of user groups more response. Through regular repair, through the CompuServe version of timely and important support, as a response to user requests, it is very close to the original version of At the same time, by adding a tool to increase productivity has become faster.

FoxPro released, it provided for the DOS window interface programmers. Fox team has provided a cross-platform compiler, allowing developers in the Unix or DOS, as well as later mac and Windows version of the deployment of applications. Then there FoxPro 2, it brought about "Rushmore" (FoxPro data from well-known part of performance enhancement) technology, the SQL command line, graphics and statements prepared by the screen device.

Visual FoxPro

Visual FoxPro (it now belongs to Microsoft) brings oop (object-oriented programming), the relationship between total data storage and remote data access. Thus, in 1995, FoxPro developers to use natural SQL, the use of object-oriented programming, the preparation of multi-storey structure, cross-platform applications - and at the same time can also be compatible with the legacy of the preparation of dBase II code.
For FoxPro developers, Fox has become a completely safe way of application development; your investment for this technology manufacturers will not be subject to the impact of changes. Unfortunately, the market other products or vendors with a different product is no longer the case. This has led to the current of FoxPro and its developers in the status of the world misunderstood.

VFP will not become a. NET language. This possibility in the development of VFP 7 when it was given careful consideration, but such a change could lead to some serious results, the best consequences is not to maintain backward compatibility, the worst consequence of losing its powerful data maintenance capacity. . NET Framework components and a wide range of VFP type of language and the region between the extra lead to more confusion, the product is likely to lead to earlier death.

Because Visual FoxPro will not run managed code, it does not run on Microsoft's strategic significance, and this is understandable. However, it is a mature development platform. You prepare, deploy and maintain multi-level, high-availability, desktop and the Internet, COM and Web services needed to develop everything from Visual FoxPro or third-party vendors provide. It contains a solid object-oriented language and the relationship between full and fast database (support 2G or less than one billion records in table) and an independent OLEDB data provider. IDE even have to complete the design of the expansion of the surface with a built-in language (and has released resources) of tools and guides, such as an important part. It is strictly compatible with SQL Server and has a good ability to COM interoperability - including Office automation, robust xml processing and function, as well as 20 years ago, the compatibility of the preparation of the code.

VFP which is suitable for the present occasion?

It is still hoped to complete the choice of professionals.

In particular, it is not suitable for the preparation of the main staff of the code.

The following is a Lt.John Harver words:

"My job is real day-to-day North (TN) Memphis of Shelby State deputy governor's office staff, commander of the information system. I have to deploy our bodies (such as the Memphis Police Department), all local law enforcement agencies and most federal agencies ( For example, FBI, ATF Marshals and Secret Service) is using the system. My most recent 'big project' is to flee to the Board (Fugitive Bureau) to develop a laptop-based system, office personnel in the system through the wireless modem and WiFi access to data. that they can read the suspect photographs, arrest records, etc., can also use the information to arrest summons print. middleware of the system is Webconnection (a VFP Web products), we have from the VFP, SQL Server and Tandem mainframe in access to data. "

I asked him if he can use. NET Services to complete all of the above. His answer is "I have only three. NET developers, and often there are other things."

This is not because this is suitable for applications in the Fox and not suitable for running. NET run. This is because a governor's office staff can use a tool for interactive, automated work process of his relocation to an application, the expansion of applications and other system integration, and ultimately establish a set of tools is not possible to estimate the value.

It is still a source who has done a great investment in the choice of developers.

Chris Jeffries is a micro-systems of human resources (Human Resources MicroSystems) development manager. Their suite of HR applications with SAP and PeopleSoft is the system's ability to compete and function. The core of the application using Visual FoxPro and. NET development, they already have products suitable for small and medium-sized organizations as well as products suitable for large enterprises.

Chris said:

"... I guess the world billions of records stored in the mind of FoxPro and FoxPro DML is to manage the best way to these records. This language is the world's most accessible programming language, only a very small skills can understand it. "

For the. NET migration, he is to answer:

"The development of new solutions, we in the. NET on the amount of time spent in VFP than the time spent more, but our core business still using VFP. Desktop applications are still using VFP, is only due to limited resources re-use. NET to write code too.. NET forms, statements and VFP desktop application other characteristics need to be rewritten to provide the same end-user flexibility. "

Limited resources, it is still the choice of manager

Visual FoxPro can run eight years ago in the hardware, but also run fast. This may be evidence of a ridiculous, but if you market in the third world, military or government departments to work, you know the old is working on the hardware requirements beyond reproach. Release and the preparation of spin-off the use of FoxPro applications without worrying about the issue of licensing is an important part of the purchase decision-making.

There are also some environmental, such as excessive IT resources, and it is almost impossible to maintain the old system. However, due to the high FoxPro found ability to calculate a person application to maintain and even expand the resources need to spend quite easy.

VFP's MVP (most valuable members) Garrett Fitzgerald said:

"For a long time has been FoxPro do not want to (or can not) spend money to catch up with the latest technology of the company's bread and milk. Small retailers do not need .net / SQL Server solution to run their own business, there is no reason to spend the money. FoxPro run very fast, even in the relatively less hardware. However, if prepared correctly, Fox application can (and has) to deal with hundreds of G's data. "

VFP choice for him to continue the issue, his answer is "because I'm using VFP high efficiency and can provide customers with excellent value."

FoxPro is a data-centric applications, Swiss Army Knife

I found an application in the delivery of VFP, I have the entire software development process. I understand from design to maintenance to migration issues. I understand the database design, object-oriented design, user interface design, business object design, data access layer, COM and Web services, Enterprise design Patterns for all kinds of details.

Why do you need to care about Visual FoxPro? Because it is ubiquitous, it is powerful, easy to learn, inexpensive, and want you to know who posts in that language to achieve what functions - there are certain programming tasks can be quickly and directly to a special database maintenance.

In other words, I would like to become a tool to understand this. NET developers. Even if I never prepared any FoxPro application, I will install on your computer.

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