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Ajax Isn't Web 2.0

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Some folks have started using the term "Web 2.0" to describe the Quantum LEAP in usability that Ajaxian techniques facilitate. Whoops! According to Anne van Kesteren, that's liable to make such folk fodder for pity and / or derision

Us? We laughed at the Web 2.0 comments before, but as we see more and more of the innovative techniques being demonstrated out there, and a set of next-generation UI technologies such as SVG and significant enhancements like canvas and E4X coming down the pipeline - and HTML 5/XHTML 2 in the works (the latter more exciting than the former) - it might not be a bad idea to label the movement Web 2.0. We are indeed seeing the next generation of techniques and technologies emerge.

If making a major version number leap required a completely new set of technologies, Microsoft has been mis-versioning their Office suite for more than a decade now. Of course, that's another story ... ;-)

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