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Ajax Summit: Adam Michela from axentric.com

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He's working on Wists, a visual bookmarking tool. He also has an Ajax blog that has special Ajax features.

He showed a demo of Wists. You visit a website, click on the Wists bookmarklet, and you get a list of all the images on the page. You can click on an image to add it to a Wists list. He showed how they use a small javascript to include a larger JavaScript, which if I heard correctly, is advantageous because it works around a bookmark limitation in IE.

He then demonstrated his own fade technique for his blog. He showed how his fade library could fade any arbitrary element of the DOM. He pointed out how his fade technique page was linked to a large number of times.

Dunstan: The bugger with your technique is that you cycle through background colors with JavaScript, which means you can't control colors with JavaScript. Does anyone know how to work around this?

Alex: You can clear the color afterwards.

Adam: (didn't quite catch what he said)

Dunstan: It's tricky stuff, isn't it?

(some guy): So what's the value of the fade anything technique?

Kevin: It's attention focusing. It draws attention to something that's changing.

Dunstan: I use it on page reload to draw attention as well.

Adam: It's interesting how these dhtml effects are getting drawn into the Ajax bandwagon.

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