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Ajaxian Command Prompt

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In the weeks before our Ajax presentation at the recent TheServerSide.com java Symposium (note that Ajax is not mentioned in the talk description; we proposed the talk long before the term Ajax came into Vogue), Dion and I tossed around ideas for compelling demos. Dion had the idea of an ajaxian shell interface, allowing complete access to a machine from the web (security disclaimers apply).

And, a few months later, someone actually created one. Cool! Igor Afanasyev sent in a link to his ajax command prompt. It's a pretty cool demo of the type of experience that can be emulated in the web:

I tried to experiment today with this ajax-buzz stuff,
and made a simple though interesting ajax-powered web-based shell:

Mixing command line with the power of html produces unusual
mix of ascetic yet powerful input interface with rich command output:
tabls. graphs, etc. (you can see some sample commands implemented).

Forget port 22 ... now all you need is port 80 and you're good to go. Better yet, directly port old green screen apps to the web!

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