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Client-side state in IE ... what about Mozilla?

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Jordan Frank talks about using IE's dhtml Behaviors to store State on a Browser, and wonders when Mozilla will get similar functionality. He also does a lot of Preaching, but we'll forgive him for that.

The userData behaviour allows for any type of structured data to be stored. As such, it provides an excellent alternative to using cookies to store xml data on the client side. The Microsoft documentation states that there is a limit of 64KB that can be stored per page, with a limit of 640KB per domain [2]. In practice, we have yet to see any sort of limit on how much can be stored in a UserData store ... the Mozilla folks need to get their butts in gear and implement some sort of data storage mechanism in the browser.

Or, just use flash in any Browser to accomplish the same thing. Actually, we talked with Brendan Eich about this at the Ajax Summit, and he mentioned that the Mozilla folks are Open to implementing some Sort of Local Store ... so, who knows what the future holds in this space.

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