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Deer Park: Firefox 1.1 Alpha Release

Print View , by: iSee ,Total views: 3 ,Word Count: 172 ,Date: Fri, 21 Aug 2009 Time: 10:07 AM

In case you missed it, the Mozilla foundation recently released Deer Park Alpha 1, a developer preview of Firefox 1.1. In addition to various Miscellaneous fixes (my favorite being that scrollable divs now response to the mouse wheel), Deer Park includes the new SVG , canvas, and E4X technologies that we've mentioned before. Download it and play with the future of the web.

I could not get the canvas feature to work, and the SVG stuff is fairly spotty at this point, but its fun to play. Safari on the other hand already has full canvas support and is starting work on their SVG implementation.

So, what about SVG, canvas, and E4X in Internet Explorer 7 / 8? We're in touch with some folks at Microsoft, and we'll let you know when / if we find out anything ...

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