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Firefox, Windows, and SVG

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And while we're on the topic of SVG ...

By way of svg.org, an SVG enthusiast demonstrates how to get the (Windows only) Adobe SVG Viewer 6.0 "pre-Alpha" (not a beta, as he claims) to work along-side Deer Park's native SVG support.

The blog entry is unnecessarily critical of a * preview * release of Deer Park's unfinished SVG support, but given the relative completeness of Adobe's plug-in, developers looking to experiment with SVG ahead of the curve will appreciate this technique. Of course, Firefox 1.0 . x users can install the Adobe plug-in as well.

We've enjoyed playing around with various SVG demos out there, notably a Tetris implementation over at Mozilla.org. Grab the Adobe plug-in before Macromedia makes' em take it down ;-).

Google Maps is way cool, but I keep thinking about an SVG version ... goodbye arbitrary zoom levels! And of course, UI design takes two leaps forward with DOM'able vector graphics. Very cool stuff.

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