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Showcase: Ajax Calendar

Print View , by: iSee ,Total views: 8 ,Word Count: 194 ,Date: Mon, 24 Aug 2009 Time: 10:07 PM

I love my Mac, and I use iCal to coordinate my life. I've even created my own (proprietary-stupid-groupware-application)-to-iCal unidirectional sync. But the problem is, the rest of my friends and families are generally on PCs (with few but notable exceptions). I wish there were a way to use a rich application like iCal in a group mode so that we could all collaborate.

And now, there is. Sort of. Karl O'Keeffe has put together an Ajax Calendar application. It's a Toy so far, but will be fun to Watch as this comes together. The interface is not Bad at all for a 0.1 Release . Way to go, Karl.

You could replace iCal entirely in my life as soon as you start using canvas to draw neat eye candy gradients and provide an off-line mode ;-)

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