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Top 10 reasons for learning CSS

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As a hot technology, css development has really been slow. CSS was first proposed in 1994, the earliest was in 1996, browser support, CSS has been touted by the traditional HTML-based web code successor. CSS used to control the entire site, font and layout capabilities, so that it looks very efficient, easy to design and foresight. However, there have been surrounded by myth CSS, prevent the web page designers to learn and master the language. What is allow people to fuss?

We visited the university teacher Christopher Schmitt, he is an advocate of one of the CSS. Christopher convinced that CSS will be a web designer, one must have knowledge of.

Christopher Schmitt in his Florida office

Q: CSS has entered a golden period of development, do you think all of us should now learn and start using CSS Top Ten reasons for this?

Christopher: Oh, here's my top ten reasons, regardless of their ranking:

  • 1.CSS will begin construction until a comprehensive basis for an alternative to traditional web design methods. W3C organizations to create the CSS technology will replace HTML forms, font tags, frames and other HTML elements used in the performance.
  • 2. Improve the speed of page views. Using the CSS method, than the traditional web design methods to save at least 50% of the file size.
  • 3. Shorten revision time. As long as a few simple changes to CSS files can be re-designed to hundreds of pages of a site.
  • 4. A powerful control over fonts and layout capabilities. CSS control capacity than bad fonts FONT tag is much better, with CSS, we no longer need to use FONT tags, or transparent to 1 px GIF images to control the title, change the font color, font style and so on.
  • 5.CSS is very easy to write. You may like to write html code as easily as the preparation of CSS.
  • 6. Improve the ease of use. CSS can be structured using HTML, such as: <p> label simply used to control the paragraphs, heading tags used only to control the title, table tags used only to show formatted data and so on. You can add more users without the need to establish an independent version.
  • 7. Can design once and publish anywhere. The design not only for your web browser can also be posted on other devices, such as PowerPoint.
  • 8. A better control over page layout. Needless to say.
  • 9. The performance and content of the phase separation. Part of the spin-off will be designed in a separate style file, you can reduce future web page may be invalid.
  • 10. More convenient search engine search. Contain only structured content with the HTML instead of nested tags, search engines more effectively search to your content, and may give you a higher rating (ranking).

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