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Part of the alternative plug-DW (a)

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"I want to do dynamic clock," "I want to superscript text", "I would like to ......."。 Formal methods can not do? Try an alternative to Dreamweaver (hereinafter referred to as DW) bar plug-ins.

A, Object (object) type

1. Dynamic Clock (dynamic clock)

The plug-ins for your home to add a dynamic display of time. After the installation of the plug-in objects such as the emergence of a panel surface plate bell button, a dialog box appears after clicking. Time Format in Office, you can fill in the time format to be different string of characters representing different format.

% H: 12-hour time. % H: 24-hour time. % M: minutes. % S: seconds. % A: on the afternoon. % D: date. % D: day of the week. % W: the number of the month. % W: month names. % Y: double-digit year. % Y: the four-digit year.

But this plug-in has a defect that can not show the week and month of the Chinese, the cats have done a little of its operation, can now support.

2. Insert Html (insert page pages)

Do not know if you have not noticed, in some pages have the effect of such a page in a certain part of a page, just like the picture on the same TV. The benefits of this is to update the page when the update as long as the individual embedded in the page inside it, no need to update the other parts. Unfortunately, DW does not support this operation which must be manually prepared using <iframe> labeling can be achieved, and the label can only be <iframe> support IE. Now, with this plug-in will be able to support cross-browser page the page effects. After you install this plug-ins found in the Object panel plug-button:. After click will pop-up dialog box, and a specific meaning as follows: SourceL: used to specify the page to be embedded. Width: the width of embedded regions. Height: embedded in the regional level. Name: regional name. Scroll: whether to bring a scroll bar. Border: Border width of embedded regions. Margin width: embedded in the positioning of the region, with the left distance. Margin Height: embedded in the positioning of the region, with the top margin. Layer support for Netscape browser tab. Support Iframe tags Ie browser.

3. Scroll produced results

This is a page similar to the above page of results, the difference is that the embedded plug-ins instead of the page, but in this Html code for the form in Figure 1, the middle is the content area, the right button is adjusted upwards or downwards.

After the installation of plug-in object Goodies panel will see the button panel. After the pop-up dialog box click, some of which the meaning of the following options: Pixel Top of Scrollable Area: scroll zone from the top.

Pixel Left of Scrollable Area: from the left side of the rolling zone.

Pixel Width of Scrollable Area: scroll width.
Pixel Height of Scrollable Area: a high rolling district.
Scroll Speed: rolling speed.
Content is stored content labels, you can fill out directly inside HTML code. After all is set up can be directly produced by the Create button.

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