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Freehand 9 Tutorial tools

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Left grid color: Set the color of the left side of the grid;

Right grid color: Set the color of the right side of the grid;

Horizontal grid color: Set the level of the color grid.

Vanishing point we will now set to 2, according to OK, we appear in the screen mesh face three, so that the original plane suddenly turned into a "three-dimensional space"! Perspective in the press kit can move this button grid on three sides (by dragging the edge of the grid or mesh around both sides of the perspective - a diamond-shaped points), moving mesh grid can change the size of and perspectives, it is very important, it will work a different three-dimensional effect.

Our material is now posted up to the perspective grid. Perspective tool used to select a material (Perspective tool button is pressed, the cursor becomes a cone). Hold down the left button on the keyboard to the head, so you can keep in the left graph grid; hold down the head to the right, it could close in on the right side of the grid; down button will make the first graphic level attached to the grid in front of the direction of the arrow will make up the level of graphics grid attached to the Department of depth. This method the material to 11 mesh up.

When we would like to visit our graphics, this grid has become a bit unsightly, and we can quickly remove the grid. Double-click the perspective, it may hide the grid, double-click again, the grid will be displayed.

For objects on the grid, we can let it revert to the original shape, select the object, and then select the View menu> Perspective Grid> Remove Perspective it. If we want to remove from the grid on the selected object, but let it remain in the shape of the grid, we can choose View> Perspective Grid> Release With Perspective.

Materials are affixed to go after the possible size of a material is not satisfactory, the following method lets you easily change the grid size of the object.

Perspective tool to select objects, press the number keys of "1" key from the horizontal and vertical direction to reduce the size of the object; "2" key from the horizontal and vertical direction to increase the size of the object; "3" key to from the horizontal direction to reduce the size of the object; by "4" key, you can increase the horizontal direction from the size of the object; by "5" key could be reduced from the vertical size of the object; by "6" key to increase the target from the vertical direction size. Note that here the "click" means you click on, rather than hold down the go, Oh, do not believe, then you can try ah!

Our "big" is going out on you.

The final step, the Inspectors panel Document (document) sub-panel to set the size and direction of work (vertical and horizontal), we can all work in accordance with the size of their set. Select File (file) menu command Save or Save as to your take months of work it!

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