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Freehand "graphics pipes" game design tools

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Pond construction

First, the construction of reservoirs

Create a new page, choose the rectangle tool to the toolbar, and draw a rectangle the same size page; select the rectangle, click "Window / Inspectors / Fill" command, Fill pop-up panel, select the drop-down box in the Gradient, to determine the top color block color is white, the color below the color block blue RGB (0,87,255).

Second, planting flowers

1, select the Options panel Hose option, the parameter settings as shown in Figure 9. Network Management Forum China bbs.bitsCN.com

Freehand "graphics pipes" play patternstools (Figure IX)

2, click on the Xtra Tools panel [Graphic Hos] tools, in the pond, click any Office, there will be combinations of a lotus, the color of the set followed by the above analogy, this pond will be completed soon, the last The results shown in figure 10.

Freehand "graphics pipes" game design tools(Figure 10)

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