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1. Excellent online features ---- freehand 7 In line with the trend of the times, add a network connection capabilities, storage format into a web page will be automatically converted to graphics GIF, JPG format, and graphics can be stored into a Shockwave plug-in format.

2. Photoshop filter plug-in --- FreeHand 7 in addition to the list of Xtras can be added to the filter tools Photoshop and Photoshop can edit the document directly.

3. The introduction of powerful features ---- FreeHand 7 powerful, you can direct the introduction of Photoshop, Pagemaker, QuarkXpress, CorelDraw, Illustrator files, etc. to the editor directly.

4. ----- Print simple when you completed the drawing object, you may need to print it out, use the Print Preview function can be pre-printed image as the size and location, as can be pre - choose a different way, such as: normal pre-visual, as the lines of pre-, X-Box, as pre-and so on, so at a glance, print naturally easier.

5. Blend Fusion ---- Blend Gradient effects Freehand software integration is a gradual change in one of the most professional effects. Through the two-path and to create special effects changing the middle path. There are shapes, colors, different strokes can control the effect of the change. And establishment of a "movable" in accordance with the path of gradual or graded. Note: an open path with a gradual closure of the path can not be done. After the gradual decomposition of the group after the object is not automatically combines longer. Therefore, if they disbanded the group object should be to remove all the intermediate steps, and then a gradual re-integration can be done.

6. Full-color --- Freehand 7.0 tracing using a new tool for automatically tracing can easily lattice images (eg photos) to color, editable vector line map. Once you have placed the image in a layer, it is advisable to lock this layer so as to avoid placement of the images depicted were in movement; and add another new layer can be printed in order to do and graphical display portrayed.

7. The production of statistical tables and charts ---- Freehand 7.0 added a graph of the function of production, of which there are Grouped Columm (line graph), stacked Columm (stacked map), Scatter (radial curve), Line (line graph), Pie ( pie chart), Area (color chart). And allows users to draw their own graphics or logo affixed to the chart in order to create a unique and personalized chart.

8. Freehand overprint of the issue of the importance of this issue, because they are not careful, the output of the time, some things will disappear. Controller dialog box, select the "overprint" If elected the word white overprint, even though there is no difference on the screen, but when the white output of the word will disappear, which outline fonts, it should be very much attention. For example, Black and his entourage after the outline fonts, Freehand 5.0 will automatically be set to overprint. If you do not remove the overprint of the state and its white, then as stated above, the word will disappear.

9. Freehand overprint of the problem (2) 1) gray overprint, plus 1% must be yellow. At the end of the four-color, if there is a gray shadow or gray color, then this election overprint black, gray plus 1% will be yellow, or gray would be through the end of the part. In a case, the gray is not a 1% increase in yellow is the effect of column in the Shadow (shadow) shadow do, unless you are doing at the end of the white, otherwise, you will be through the end of the shadow. 2) Freehand5.x can set the color in the controller, you can directly drag the color palette of the color control bar, and even the color directly onto the part to be filled. However, the color is not in the list of displayed colors, such as the color bar color is gray, it is difficult to check the output, then the output of the error-prone when it is.

10. Attached to the inside of the characters sometimes we have to create convenience, some with text and some pictures posted on the frame on a separate, then, if the font is TrueType, it is difficult to be found. Click the text because it is less than the election, and Ctrl + k only for the edge of the frame is blank, the text will not be displayed. TrueType output word as a result of not following the Outline, will go wrong.

11. Freehand 5.x background effects in the controller can choose a variety of effects, including the effect of a background can be added under each color lines, the production can not see any problem, but when the output should be careful is likely that the output is only one of the color, and words are missing. TrueType if the word is a Outline of its background will disappear.

12. Freehand 5.0 or stratification Freehand 3.1 points a layer of different documents, together with often occur when the layer jump of the phenomenon: the original in a layer, such as "outlook," the level of elements, go to "outlook," the following to the was "outlook," covered by the elements. If the multi-storeys, it is necessary to come back much to the annoyance of 11 correct. In fact, if not before the make-up in each document, all objects on the page "Select All", the attention of all the layers are not locked, and then in the "Layer" menu, click "prospects." At this time, all the objects have come to "outlook," to, and the relationship between the original cross-layer into a relationship with the upper and lower layer, but the original told the same look, make-up would not jump after the layer.

13. Freehand 5.0 to change the font in the paragraph, if many of them English, then this text fonts are selected, when a Chinese character, which in English is the English of the Chinese character shape them to the definition of the word to other type, it is necessary to paragraph by paragraph by paragraph by paragraph in the election, in the La Font menu font is installed if more, then every time to find the font that should cost a lot of time and energy, there is a soil solution, for example, to "big black Arphic" read English "Helvetica", as long as the fonts have changed the name of a good column about by sweeping the cursor so that is actually black Select the font name, then copy, then selected to The next change the font as part of the English and then click the cursor So the name of the font, and then copy and return, then read this part of the English on the "Helvetica" the body, This will help to reduce the font pull bar Shen long process of rolling.

14. Change the attributes of text in Freehand 5.0, from a section of text as part A, copy, paste to another section of the font, size, horizontal aspect ratio, line spacing, kerning of the text is different in the B to A paragraph is a text font, size, width ratio, line spacing, kerning and other attributes will remain intact, unified text to paragraph 11 B of attributes, is cumbersome. More convenient way is to: Run SimpleText (Mac's a simple word processing software, use search function to find out from the hard drive can run), will have to copy paste the text into SimpleText paragraph A, the whole election, change the font for the "Beijing", and then copy the whole text first, and then paste it into the field B Chinese Freehand 5.0 in the appropriate place, you will find this text in paragraph A of all attributes have to follow the text in paragraph B of the original property.

15. Freehand skills output graphics in Illustrator can not be produced directly for four-color output, the output into Freehand, the often anti-white small or disappear after graphics output should be in Illustrator format disk selection Freehand, Freehand directly in the open. Produced by Freehand, please use of Inline, outline fonts and Pattern effects, in order to avoid the complexity of the impact of the output image quality. Freehand to PagrMaker map output EPS file, not to Join Element, otherwise the output will have problems often, and PageMaker lines map into the EPS, the output can not automatically set for the black version, it is necessary to made in other software and version of overprint only after the output. Freehand Gradient output when the production ladder, such as to obtain a better output in the pre-set to the page set of high-resolution, and recommended the use of PhotoShop or Illustrator Gradient production, Illustrator can easily make a variety of multi-graded.

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