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Freehand Tutorial: Basic Operation

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If you have correctly installed and registered freehand 9.0, please open, we can see the window shown in Figure 1 the first time users, the software will open a window given a choice, please choose a new document, the last editor of the paper, Open the file or open an existing document, such as help in general can be removed from its hook in the check box to remove the window. ).

Figure I

(Used PhotoShop user interface Freehand certainly not unfamiliar to us, Freehand also provides a powerful toolbox. Following a number of specific operations, we illustrate the various tools in the toolbox to use.

1 operation, select and delete the object

Using Point (arrow) tool Select the object to determine the object selected, press the Delete key to delete.

Operation 2, the basic geometry of the mapping

By Rectangle (rectangle) tool Can draw any size rectangle, if at the same time hold down the Shift key, you can draw a square, hold down the Alt key while drawing a starting point as the center; In addition, double-click Button to open the Rectangle Tool (rectangle tool) dialog box, set the rectangle of the fillet radius.

Other geometry tools such as Polygon (Polygon) , Ellipse (Oval) , Spiral (spiral) Similar to the rectangular, such as the use of tools to drag the mouse to create graphics. One polygon tools and oval-shaped tools and rectangular, like in the drawing tools can also hold down the Shift or Alt keys to control the shape graphics.

Description: toolbox in the upper right corner where a small arrow icon has a corresponding dialog box, double-click on the icon to open the dialog box. Rectangle tool to for example, can be controlled in the dialog box rectangular fillet radius: When the fillet radius of 0, the rectangle is at right angles to the four corners, the greater the radius value, the greater the fillet. Users can test their own. In addition, as different objects, floating in the Control Panel Option And objects will appear different parameters related to the option, you can change these parameters to get the geometry you want (Option panel from the Windows menu to open the Inspectors command set).

Here, we also introduce a toolbox does not provide the Arc (arc) tool It Xtra Tools toolbox is available from the Windows open the Toolbars menu (see Figure II). Double-click the button to open the Arc dialog arc, of which there are three check boxes, you can choose with their arbitrary drawing of the arc or arcs of different blocks, the corresponding dialog box will appear in the preview image, the user can choose .

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Figure II

Figure III

We note that in the painting line and spiral arc, Option panel is the same, the title for the Path (path) (see figure III). Which, Points (nodes) is the pathgraphics nodes. Even / odd fill (even / odd filling) to be elected to a state of default, at this time if the screen was filled with the path to be elected, then the intersection of the path will be part of the hollowing out, the options were necessary condition that the path closed state.

Close (Closed) switch used to open and close the path, select this, Freehand9 will automatically connect the two endpoints, for a closed path is the path like the election and removed the option, then the path will be automatically deleted Freehand9 The final section of the path of making it open.

Flatness (smoothness): This option controls the smoothness of the path of output, the result set on the screen with the naked eye can not distinguish between the need for the print process can be observed in the control values in between 0 ~ 100.

The above described drawing basic geometric shapes, but never Freehand9 is to use a few simple painting circle or box. In fact we are drawing the utilization of non-geometric tools to be much higher than the tool geometry. Freehand9 hand provides a powerful tool, I believe this is the reason Freehand name it! We have introduced the following Freehand drawing tools: Line (straight-line tool) , Freehand (hand tools) , Pen (pen tool) , Bezigon (Bezier tool) .

Operation 3, Line (line) tool

Select Line tool, you can drag with the mouse to draw a straight line. At the same time you can press the Alt key, press the Alt key here to create a position to point the mouse to the midpoint of a straight line, move the mouse, can change the inclination of the line (in the mid-point line for the center of a circle) and the length of this If you release the Alt key, will switch to create a common approach. If drawing a line at the same time press the Shift key, you can let a straight line in the tilt angle of 45 degrees between a multiple of the conversion. At the same time that if the Shift key and press the Alt key is the effects, please try your own.

Operation 4, Freehand (hand) tool

Freehand tool used in the screen drag the mouse in an arbitrary direct rendering graphics. Freehand tool is a tool for the most direct, it depends entirely on the effect of dragging the mouse the hands of the author speed: too fast, you lose sight of the details; too slow, all the full error.

The use of Freehand tool, press the Alt key will be forced to make the path into a straight line, Shift key role here in a straight line in the process of painting the same role. On a path by choosing one of the endpoint, use the Freehand tool to drag the mouse endpoint as a starting point for an extension of the path, when the mouse has been extended to the nodes will become + No. shape, release the mouse at this time, the path will be extended the original closed path. This method can make use of the existing path to add a new path. If the path does notsatisfactory, in addition to using the Edit menu Clear (clear) command, but also can press the Alt key to adjust the mouse away from the two most recent curve of the path between nodes.

You can also modify the path of the following methods: the activation path (the path selected by Point tool) and select the single node, the node by the Delete key to delete in order to simplify. Double-click the Freehand Freehand Tool button to open the dialog box (see Figure IV).

One of Freehand, Variable Stroke and Calligraphic pen three options to provide a single type of pen are ordinary pen, pens and calligraphy pens variables. After which the two pens of different thickness to provide the number of strokes in the three T-type choose one of the options below will change accordingly, let us explain one by one:

Precision (precision): This option on the three T-type are effective, which controls the mouse Freehand9 reflect subtle changes in the accuracy to the numerical value control box.

Draw dotted line (dotted line): This option is also common to choose the later, will be dotted lines that track the movement of the mouse.

Auto remove overlap (overlap automatic): This option is also common. Select the following path ifcross, Freehand9 will automatically delete the cross-intersection part of the path of integration.

Figure IV

Min (minimum) and Max (maximum): these two options is to control changes in the rate of strokes, and by the two numerical values of the differences in the decision box, the greater the difference between the two values, the thickness of strokes change the greater the smaller and vice versa.

Variable stroke (strokes variables) needed to use other hardware, such as the tablet. Said the pressure to use a pen stroke to determine changes in the fine; Callgraphic Pen (calligraphy pen) can be generated calligraphy strokeseffect, in which the Fixed (fixed) that the same stroke thickness, Variable (variable) on behalf of T zoned different thickness, Angle (angle) control the angle of nib.

Operation 5, Pen (pen) tool

Select Pen Tools, press the Alt key and click the mouse on the screen, and then another on the screen click the mouse in order to create a straight line between two paths; release the Alt key, continue to another screen and click Drag to create a path drawn with the curve associated path. Pen tool and many other graphics software to use the tool more or less the same: handle curves with control and endpoint, said control handle can be adjusted to adjust the length or curvature curve. Here, we introduced no more.

Operations 6, Bezigon (Bezier curves) tool

With Bezigon Tools can be easily drawn geometry. Bezigon click button, click in the workspace, when the Option panel will appear the options below.

Figure V

The Even / odd fill and Closed Options check box and Flatness for introduced earlier, will not repeat them here. Point type option of the three buttons under the curve points, respectively, the corner point and the connection points, with three buttons to choose which drawing a straight line, arc, or a mixture of lines. Handles the option is specified the location of control handle, said control handle is located in the former starting point curve, which is located at the end of said control handle.

Freehand9 more than we introduced a variety of drawing tools in the toolbox to use, let us not by rote, as in the following courses, we will repeatedly use these tools. I believe in constant practice, the user flexibility in the use of these tools can and can learn by analogy, in order to achieve a multiplier effect.

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