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Freehand9.0 explain the entire process: user interface

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freehand We take a look at the user interface:

Freehand9 interface relative to the previous edition, the changes did not have too much, but the details of a number of small changes in it. From top to bottom, followed by the title bar, menu bar, toolbar and status bar:
1, the title bar: The window at the top of the window location, method of operation, as with all Windows software.
2, the menu bar: the menu bar at the bottom of the title bar, from left to right followed by File (File menu), Edit (Edit menu), view (view menu), Modify (modify the menu), Text (text menu), Xtra (external plug-in menu), Windows (Window menu), Help (Help menu).
3, Toolbar: Freehand Toolbar Main Toolbar is divided into two major categories and Text Toolbar, which provides a system commonly used menu commands, such as new, storage, undo, cut, copy and so on. Provided after the text of some of the commonly used menu commands. The toolbar, which you can define the content of their own.
4, the status bar: the status bar at the bottom of the window, such as the view size to provide the document page number, display mode, and operation unit of measure, as well as information related to several control functions.
Any software, especially vector graphics, the basis for the creation of geometric shapes are very simple matter - you just need to select the appropriate kit of tools in there. Now, we turn to the section on this issue.

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Freehand drawing of the rectangle and the other on the same software, click the mouse after a starting point to determine drag the mouse to reach the appropriate location of the release of the mouse on it. There is a rounded rectangle settings, double-click the rectangle tool icon, you can open the Settings dialog box of the fillet.

The remaining number of tools has its specific set of control box, such as the spiral tool, arc tools, tools and other basic polygon geometry tools to use them in the appropriate settings, double-click the corresponding icon on the tool for it. Here, I am not one by one are described.
Now, we look at another important control panel: Object panel.
Freehand in the Object panel is one of the most important control panel, select it with the state of the object in the nature of their different features, but also provides a corresponding control functions. For example, the rectangular panel, oval-shaped panels, panels, such as the path:
Rectangular panels: When a rectangular selection in the state, Object panel to change the corresponding rectangular panels, and provide Dimensions (size control, X, Y represent the rectangular coordinates of the location of the lower-left corner, W, H represent the rectangular wide and high), Corner radius (fillet radius to control the radius of rounded rectangle).

Oval-shaped panel: When a rectangle when selected.

Path panel: If a path had been selected, this panel will appear. It provides Points (points, indicating the number of path node), Even / odd fill (odd / even fill, when the path of a closed path, this option controls whether the path part of the hollowing out of the intersection), Close (closed, whether or not this control will be closed path, select the, Freehand will automatically connect the two endpoints of the path connecting the endpoints of the segment by the end of the curvature of the nature of the decision, of course, if the closed path to choose the circumstances, Freehand will automatically delete the last paragraph of the path so that the path to open), Flatness (smoothness, which smooth the path to a degree of control, but the effect of a set only to see in print, the computer screen can not be observed to).

Point panel: When a path to be elected again after choose the path of a node, this panel has emerged. In addition to providing the path here on the panel to provide the number of nodes, such as odd-even fill control, but also provide Point type (the type of point, this type of a control point, there are three types of curve points, angle points and three types of connections ), Handles (control the handle type, each node has the control handle, and the control handle so that curves are outside the process and the role of two types of curve inversion, where the control handles to control the two functions), Automatic (automatic curvature, This role is to Freehand with automatic curvature defined by the selected nodes to control the curvature of the path), Point Location (the location of points, which a control node to be elected in the coordinates of the location of the surface, but he was just when a node have a role to be elected by the numerical box of X, Y value of control).

Object panel controls the operation of the object most settings, skilled use of it, to be completed on the basis of geometry does not include a variety of graphics, including shape. Therefore, I do not waste too much time on the basis of the creation of graphics - you try to clear.
Well, with us into the next section:graphics tools.

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