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Integrated graphics machines: ratchet

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Step 6 to date, we have a ratchetitself to do the following steps are marked with a ratchet to the size, we know the size of the ends of lines are the arrow, so the first line in accordance with the following chart will be set to form with two arrows.

Page 7 of the last step is the work done by the use of objects in the view panel linear page view set to both ends of a linear form of the arrow for the following plan to ratchet parts ready to add dimension. Union Network bitsCN.com China

Let us in on this page to a ratchet to open a hole axis, in order to allow ratchet drive shaft rotation, shaft above, there should be key, so there should be the axis hole keyway. Shaft with keyway hole pictures how do? In fact, as long as the reader can see the shaft with keyway hole pattern, it should be or should be thought of Boolean operations freehand graphics command to draw the Union. This case is such painting: first draw a circle, and then draw a rectangle, the rectangle width should be equal to the width of the keyway, and a round hole diameter is the diameter of shaft, and then in accordance with the size requirements of the two combinations stack, stacking should be after is the outline of the shaft with keyway hole contour, and then the order of their use of Union.

1 in the previous step, we have set the size of the linear line, we have to draw the following size lines. Size Line painting should be noted that: 1. Circle marked line through the center; II.arrow is in line to add later, so when drawing a line arrowposition.

2 In the last step out of line based on the arrow, and then pulled out the use of straight-line tool for size lead, and then use text tool to lead the back of the number of input dimensions. However, the diameter of symbols at the keyboard is not, how should we do? It also hard to come back the skilled use of Freehand user? As the lower left graph as a painting on the list?

3 marked the end of the size of the diameter of the following, we would also like to mark each of the cross-ratchet angle. Marking out the first two leads, the use of straight-line tool starting from the origin draw a straight line to ratchet through the transfer of two points, repeat the operation again marked another lead paint.

This page is done by a number of steps to add dimension ratchet Fig. Have some basic knowledge of mechanical drawing readers should be aware of the various provisions of dimensioning, and do not have the experience of readers do not worry, as long as each step in accordance with the step by step on doing down there.
Circle the key size is the diameter of its size, the size of the line through the center circle, after the effect of dimension of the graph, see this page, readers should be noted that: because when painting a straight line at both ends of the length of the arrow is not here inside, so when drawing a line should be set aside for a short distance from the arrow. There are symbols such as the diameter can not directly input the symbols, it can be produced.

4 in this step we have to draw the perspective of the size of lines, the size of the angle is a line arc. We can see from the interception of a circle, as in the figure below draw a great circle, and then use the Freehand tool knife in the toolbox in the great circle size and angle of intersection Department lead click to cut off the arc.

5 step great circle has been cut off, but has not yet shown results, we just use the mouse to select the part of great circle and not to open it it. Left and then select the section of arc, the linear change it with the arrow at both ends can form.

6 Finally, the line marking the left side of the angle marked 20 Angulinao cup dark  pain Ω Blattella flash Shu-ping J ? 0 text input tool that a small degree only draw a round circle marked it down to the appropriate the extent of 20 and then moved to the upper right corner of it.

7 In this comprehensive example, we use a variety of places before Freehand tool to draw a ratchet parts diagram, it is not the effect of painting than autocad it favorably.

This page is the final steps in this case, is still done in parts to ratchet icon size, previous steps are given, we ratchet up the length of icon size, and now we have to subscript to it on the perspective of size, length size the size of line is a straight line, and the size of the angle size is a circular line, a straight line can be drawn, but Freehand paintings of a certain point of view there is no direct command of the arc, so we have to resolve it by themselves . In fact, the solution is very simple, as long as the first draw a great circle, with the perspective of the size of your hand over the point of intersection pinout size arc section of the line, and then use knife tool to cut this arc, and then the remainder of the arc can be deleted paragraphs.

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