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Mechanical drawing of the flywheel FreeHand production

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4 use the following Union (Canada) to operate the superimposed rectangle, and round up to form the shaft with keyway hole. At the same time, the selection of rectangular and round, and then click Modify | Combine | Union menu items in order to enforce the court order. The chart below is the result of the implementation.

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5 to draw the flywheel on the following two rounded fan-shaped groove, the groove shape rather than the rule, so we take several steps to form it gradually. Let us draw a circle from the circle of the arc groove part of the interception.

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6 rounded fan-shaped groove there are two "side", the following us to draw two straight lines, they would constitute two edges of the groove.

7 In this casea small hole on the flywheel and the shaft and the keyway after hole. Several steps on this page, we have begun to draw the irregular groove flywheel, andthe groove, the entire flywheel will be resolved. Network Management Forum China bbs.bitsCN.com

In accordance with the provisions of mechanical drawing, all round point to draw a line as its center line. Is no exception in this case, all points have a small hole through its center line. Point line, which all point to the center of the flywheel. According to the previous painting, we know that link or copy command should be used to draw this line a few points, but how to ensure that they can accurately point to the center? The simplest approach is: the first point line painted on the vertical axis, so there would be no problem for the center. the center line, the next, we must draw is that the difficulty in this case: two irregular flywheel groove.

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