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Red Star FreeHand Drawing

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Use the arrow tool to select a straight line to start Transform panel, select the rotation, rotation angle in the input box 10, enter 1 in the Copies box, and then press the Rotate button, rotate and copy a straight line. Changes in rotation, preferably should be maintained in the range of 6 to 13 random change, and constantly rotating copy, copy of a straight line until the circle. Note that the article should guarantee a straight line for even-numbered, that is to say Rotate button press should be an odd number in order to ensure that the operation can not fill the back of the issue.
Copy is complete, use the arrow tool, with the result that all linear and rectangular all selected, hold down the Shift key click the rectangle, the abolition of its choice, so that all the straight-line options. Them together, and then at the same time the combination with the rectangular selection, the use of Align panel to align the two vertical center. Linear combination of individual choice and then holding down the Shift key, so that they remain in the vertical direction, moving up a short distance (Figure 9).

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Choose linear combinations with the five-pointed star combination of the two panels using Align Horizontal Align Center. Note: to choose a certain linear combination of the alignment between the two can do it as a benchmark, that is, its position remains unchanged.
Choice of linear combinations and rectangle, and then select the menu command "Modify → Combine → Divide", the use of linear combination of the rectangle divided into several small pieces (Figure 10).

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Choice of these small intervals. Here is error-prone, it is necessary to carefully. Two adjacent edges is a coincidence, and easier for them to get elected, secure and speedy way is to click outside their lines; zoom ratio can also be observed in order to facilitate. As the small number is even, it just may be the second one or the other. The use of the toolbox icon at the bottom of the barrel and the pen-shaped icons for these small orange fill (# FF9900), the border is set to colorless. Then select the remaining half, filling yellow (# FFFF00), the border is set to colorless. Select all of these parts of their portfolio. In this way, we have been flashing light background (Figure 11).

The context of portfolio choice and combination of five-pointed star, using Align panel to the middle of their vertical alignment. As before, we have five-pointed star with the partition of the linear combination of rectangular horizontal alignment center, so re-alignment, the five-pointed star will shine is on the background of the radiation center. Alignment, however, the five-pointed star "disappeared". In fact, it was the background of the cover, as it is drawn first, so the level is located in the following order. Select the background, and then select the menu command "Modify → Arrange → Send to Back", to move it to the bottom, so a five-pointed star on the exposed (Figure 12).

There are also five-pointed star below the space, we write the words. freehand MX is regrettable that do not support Chinese character input, more input is garbled. So here, we can only enter in English. Select the text tool (shortcut keys for the T), the five-pointed star in the background, click, enter the word "August 1, The Army Day", or "August 1, Army Day" means.
Drag select the text attributes in the text field (if not find, through the menu command "Window → Toolbars → Text" to open it) of their font, size and other attributes set. The use of the toolbox at the bottom of the barrel-shaped icon and pen settings icon for the text fill color and border color. And then text and background and the five-pointed star centered vertical alignment, it received the final results (Figure 13).

Although this illustration simple, but the true heart of flashing red light five-star, has placed us on the admiration and affection of the People's Liberation Army. (END)

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