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Using Freehand painted flowers

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When the mixture of hexagonal when the object is still selected, hold down the button Shfit, click the internal hexagon and then slowly drag out, this time on the bending tool will automatically get curved line of the hexagon, as shown below. When you feel that the degree of bending enough, then release the mouse button.

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Now as in the figure below, we have a comparison of the shape of a beautiful flower, when this object is a mixture of flowers to choose, you can still fill panel to modify its color gradient to make it more beautiful. Network Management Forum China bbs.bitsCN.com

If you want to change Patterns of the bending process of a more serious point, you can re-edit panel bending tools, the number of value will be transferred into a relatively large value, the maximum is 10. Value under the plan is to tune into 10 new shape after the flowers. Is there a new idea?

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Tip: As shown below, you are using a variety of polygonal or star shapes, using different values of the bending can be dragged out of a variety of flower shapes out. Try it more than that will not be allowed to have a pleasant surprise to find you, oh, in fact, sometimes merely restricted only to your imagination.

Now we add some petals give the flowers, as in the figure below such a shape, open conversion panel, select the zoom option. And then set the scaling to 70% of the shares for 2, click the zoom button. At this point the procedure will be able to automatically copy the currently selected graphics are, respectively, and then each scaled down by 70%. Finally, the smallest flower in the center and then draw a small circle, filled on a spherical bright yellow color of the gradient, the effect on the completion of the production.

If you are interested, you can try other styles.

The effect of the flowers are out, we re-use of the additional rotation that features 3D effects, and then use the pen tool to hook a number of flower branches and leaves as the path, and choose a gradient fill color green.

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