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Concise Guide FrontPage2002 five: the application of style sheets

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First, the three ways to add CSS

frontpage 2002 in three ways you can increase the style sheet to the page.

1. Page links to an external style sheet document, this method allows multiple pages to use the same style sheet document to facilitate maintaining the theme of the page. These steps: Start FrontPage 2002, to be followed by point "document", "new", "page", open the Format menu style option box. Set in the style window, there are a lot of FrontPage 2002 built-in style sheet for your reference and revision, selected on the left wish to adjust the style of the HTML content, in the right click new to create the style, and then use. Of course, if you are familiar with CSS, you can also use a blank style sheet, re-create their own one is a list of options in the user-defined.

Figure 5.1

2. Through FrontPage 2002 to create a style of form, when the style sheet is part of a web page, located directly between the HTML document. This fact is not created, as long as good has been created to directly copy the style sheet, and then select the web page editor of the "HTML" option, and then paste it into the HTML in between <HEAD> it.

3. Through the use of style sheet containing elements of a separate style sheet specified. In FrontPage 2002 to edit a page, the changes to take place as long as the selected text or image content, etc., and then right-click and select page properties button in the style of visualization can be carried out at any time of the operation.

Figure 5.2

Second, including the use of style sheets

Landscaping on the following to modify a search box for example, to brief Members on the implicit use of style sheets.

We now began to beautify the road. Open FrontPage 2002, the new page. WEB insert component search box. Next on the first input box for processing. With the left mouse button to select the longest input box, and then right-click, select Form Field Properties, Properties text box appears.

Then click on the "style", then choose the format of the border button border and the shadow of the dialog box appears.

Because we want to maintain the unity of form, in the "Settings" and select "Custom" and then "style" of the "solid line." The most important thing is the application of border settings. Click on the box, surrounded by four small button appears on behalf of the four text entry box frame. And text input box to the outside forms, where the width is also selected as "1", then "OK."

The left mouse button and then select the Search button, point the right mouse button and select "Hyperlink Properties" window will appear.

Select the "style" button, and then select Number mode, and then select the "Browse" to insert any of the search for beautiful picture.

With the left mouse button to select the search page to help the words, and then right-click, select "Page Properties" window pop-up Windows.

Choice of "background" option, then select the "Enable flip effect hyperlink", then "flip style" pop-up window for the new Windows.

Figure 5.3

Here we can clearly set up to achieve the effect of the reversal. In order to highlight the "Search Help" words, we set the font to 12pt, release the mouse up so that when the time will be from 9pt fonts into 12pt, which allows users to see more clearly. Then we can also love to set up their own favorite colors and other styles. Through the implicit use of style sheets, we are very easy to beautify the search box.

Figure 5.4

XP's new features: optional hyperlink or css format to enable users to hyperlink formatted CSS and other text formats. For example, if users do not want to have underlined hyperlinks, they can like any other text to highlight the hyperlink and click "underline" button. > This feature can be smart to explain through the use of cascading style sheets or to request a copy of the complexity of technology to achieve, and to enable users to use the WYSIWYG (WYSIWYG) button and menu item to edit the text.

§ in FrontPage to create hyperlinks (type some text, select it and click the hyperlink button, and then link to any page you want to).

§ Right-click the hyperlink, and then click the toolbar button to delete the underlined underlined. Super link can also format the need to change any part of the format. Again to select text, click the bold button, and then make the font size larger. By pointing the mouse pointer and click the hyperlink "Ctrl + click" to test the hyperlink (Continued).

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