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Concise Guide FrontPage2002 VIII: site management

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frontpage 2002 compared to previous versions of FronPage, in the site management to improve a lot, not only for individual users, while for the control of its vast network of business sites are also easily. In addition to the folder in column view, navigation, hyperlinks related to three buttons corresponding to the traditional management functions. The new version of FrontPage improvements and new features are:

FrontPage 2002 allows users to completely control their Web site - from its appearance and behavior to how to edit and manage site content. Use of its complex management and use of site analysis, the latest version of FrontPage redefined the borders of Web authoring tool. Users can now track their visits and the use of site practices, and how to control import and edit the code (this is the previously achieved). FrontPage to edit the environment has become easier to use, allowing users to more easily access to all site management and navigation function. The release of the new features will not only provide a higher accuracy and flexibility, but also greatly enhance the speed of release. In addition, FrontPage will now allow users to completely control what sites can access and edit resources, as well as who has the right to do.

Access and analyze data in order to better manage the effectiveness and performance site

Usage analysis reports can help users better understand who visits their site. By reference to the function of daily, weekly or monthly statements of the URL, so that users can quickly learn which pages are the most clicks, as well as how customers find their sites. These statements can be exported to HTML or Microsoft Excel, and can conduct the screening and make a chart to show the exact information users want.

Figure 8.1

§ From the View menu, select statements, choose the utilization rate, and then from the drop-down menu, select a statement.

§ If there is no data statements, the server may not have activated the "Analysis of usage." If you have administrator rights, from the Tools menu, select the server, and then select the management of Home. Scroll down to configure the usage analysis settings, and then click Change usage analysis settings.

§ If the analysis in the use of statements do not have any data, remember the Web site must first be issued before registration to allow site visitors statistics.

Statements to enhance the use of FrontPage, you can quickly find a slow link or a document or page, as well as broken hyperlinks, to monitor site performance. The use of FrontPage 2002, can also automatically filter statements, and data export to HTML or Microsoft Excel in.

From the View menu, select statements, statements from a few options and then select one of these statements can filter and export to HTML pages or in Excel.

HTML code accurately control the appearance and working methods

Active Server Page (ASP) source code to retain feature allows users to edit the asp code that contains the contents of the page, and will not interfere with ASP code. Now, FrontPage 2002 is always in the "ordinary" open the ASP page view, regardless of whether the ASP code violates the agreement (for example, or more than <head> tag <body>).

If your computer has. ASP pages, you can open the page (document, open, the page URL), and then can see it is in the executive editor of the "ordinary" open view.

Optional HTML format reset feature allows FrontPage users to tell them how it should be the HTML page format - from each tag number should be indented to whether or not to use optional tags. New features in FrontPage is able to achieve has been to import Web pages, and in accordance with the user's preferences to reformat the page.

§ HTML format preferences settings. From the Tools menu, select the page option, and then click the HTML source code tab. Rolling in the tag box, select the Body, and then change the indent 12 spaces. Click the tab color code will be changed to a purple marker, and then click OK. FrontPage will create in FrontPage to change the HTML page of rules for the use of these formats. To change the HTML in the open reservation site into the HTML format of the page, switch to HTML view. Right-click the page and choose to re-set HTML format.

Accurate and flexible manner and protect the Web site.

Enhance the release dialog box allows the user to see the source through the site pages and documents and the target site on the web pages and documents, "released to enhance the dialog box" to make release easier. The feature allows users to drag, place or location of the deletion in these two documents.

From the File menu, select the release site. Type http://servername/directory (Here, servername is the release of the target server name, and directory is the destination directory). To enter the "release site" dialog box appears, click Display>> button to display the server to publish content. Document you can click and drag it from the source location of the target site, you can click the "Publish" will be all new or changed out of web publishing.

Figure 8.2

Single-page publication can help the user only when needed they want to release the contents. Users can "folders" view Right-click the file and put it directly to Web server.

In FrontPage, open a site, to ensure that the "Folder List" is turned on (View, Folder List). In the folder list right-click any page (or use Ctrl key + click to select multiple pages), and select the release of selected documents.

New, more detailed permissions allow users to be able to through "role-based" security model to grant or deny access to individual and group rights. In FrontPage, the role now, more and more to allow users to better control who can access their site.

From the Tools menu, select the server, and then select Permissions. If the sites are using FrontPage 2000 Server Extensions, on the Settings tab, select Use unique permissions on this site, and then the implementation of the dialog box to customize the operation of the authority of the site. If your site is using Microsoft SharePoint Team Services or FrontPage 2002 Server Extensions, please select from the Tools menu and authority server, the Web-based management or add pages to manage users, and add or management role.

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