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Efficient use of FrontPage 2002 software (Ⅰ)

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Now many of the pages are beautiful FrontPage 2000 designed, with the features of web pages have become increasingly demanding, frontpage 2002, after introduction, people began to use it to continue to "blueprint" of the. them:). FrontPage 2002 but has improved in all aspects, but also a lot of new accessories, tools, may be many "worm" friends and not too familiar with the school to see a little bit of help? That too can not keep up the pace of the times, and I put myself out groping devote a few ideas, and then you experience your child to tell you through Jane that we were not to be self-taught, much more effective it?

Cascading Style Sheet function better

As we all know, if you want to create a web page hyperlink, FrontPage 2002 will be the default format to display a hyperlink, that is, super text font and underlined in blue style. If you are a "aestheticism" and will certainly pursue a "different" results. FrontPage 2002 in order to meet the needs of users, specially Cascading Style Sheets in support of strengthening respect, the user can easily set up hyperlinks or other text styles. If you want to change the style of hyperlink attributes, can be carried out in accordance with the following steps: First of all, in the FrontPage 2002 user interface to select the main objectives specified hyperlink, and then click the right mouse button, the tools from the subsequent pop-up list, select the "bottom line" button , will be able to exceed the bottom line to remove the link. If the user to test whether the normal operation of the hyperlink, hold down the "Ctrl" key with the left mouse button and then select the hyperlink. In addition, users can freely on the hyperlink style attributes of the other settings, such as hyperlink text color, text size.

Smart tags provide a quick operation

In order to improve the efficiency of the user web design, FrontPage 2002 specifically added to the smart label feature, which will be specified in the user operation, the operation interface and real-time pop-up tool for the current operation-related options so that users can easily quickly on the current operation of the associated object. In the smart label all of the options, especially "Paste Options" the most commonly used. Whenever the user area in FrontPage 2002 to edit the text in the image or paste operation, the "Paste Options" smart label will appear in the edit area immediately next to the smart from the pop-up options, the user can easily free order to find the options they need to carry out the necessary editing.

If users use FrontPage 2002 in the Paste Options smart tag feature, which will automatically switch to "view page (Page View)" status, while Paste Options smart tag icon will immediately appear in the user next to just paste the contents of . If you click the smart tags pop icon, a pull-down menus, according to these options the user can decide whether to retain the original format, or use the target form, or to use "only the text" format operation. Of course, FrontPage 2002 in the smart label, but also provides many other options for faster operation, while the actual design of the page can make use of the smart label functionality to improve the efficiency of their own web pages.

Added shared service functions

FrontPage 2002 specifically for organizations or enterprises with a team of co-operation is conducive to the sharing of services, use of the function of the Enterprise for each of the members can share files online discussion, the function will be at the same time each to discuss the views of those who placed the discussion paper, or appear in the browser at the bottom of the "online discussion" inside the window so that other users to access the shared file, you can also see the discussion of the views; another team members directly in their browser to add and edit content on the site, which will help improve office efficiency. To use this function, you can follow the steps below: First of all, the main operation in the FrontPage 2002 interface, open a team site, and then open a shared document library, find the need to share files online discussion, and then select the specified file the name of the right of "discussion" icon, and select "in the browser window pane at the bottom to insert the discussion on" button, and finally in the "discussion of the text input" inside the region, type and content topics, and click "OK" button it. Here I would like to remind you that, it is necessary to the proper use of the function must be to ensure that the site where the server support team shared service functions, if the server does not open the function, the user will not be able to discuss the proper use of online features.

The establishment of the text subtitles moved up and down

We often see in the text page to move around, if we want to move up or down to achieve the effects the text how to do? In FrontPage 2002, we can easily achieve this functionality: First, the editor of FrontPage 2002 in the area, type a line of text, such as "welcome" and then select the text, while the menu bar click "Insert" menu item , and select "Web components" command, in the subsequent emergence of the "Insert Web Component" dialog box, select the "dynamic effect", and then double-click the "subtitles" in the pop-up "subtitles Properties" dialog box, we rolling direction of the text set to the "right" end of the beginning of rolling; Finally, we FrontPage 2002 to edit the state from the page to switch to the source code, and found "<marquee direction =" right "> Welcome </ marquee>", the inside the "right" changed to "up" (or "down") fonts can be achieved by the effect of rolling up and down.

I have more experience, a speaking could not finish today, next to, oh remember.

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