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Efficient use of FrontPage 2002 software (under)

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Hi! Friends, we met. Still remember the last issue of content? Began to learn new content, we may wish to review a simple click.

Last Jane child to leave you with Cascading Style Sheets on the smart label, shared services and the content of the text subtitles, which moved up and down the text of the techniques it is not very attractive? You learned it? This time, the more exciting things waiting for you, Check it out together.

database interface fool of

Ago, I would like to use the database in Web pages, often through the trouble of the database connection settings, and settings will come into contact with the cumbersome ASP, CGI or something. Now the use of FrontPage 2002 (hereinafter referred to as "FP2002") to connect to the database on the easier, because in the database interface functions FP2002 has done a great improvement, in particular, it provides the Database Interface Wizard feature for user-generated online database needed all features, including the establishment of the database, as well as the required form page.

In addition, FP2002 database also allows us to set the interactive features, the use of this feature, users can set up the visitors through the designated browser to edit records in the database or add records in the database, view the existing information.

Form the task is not highly

Dynamic interactive web page is a page in the design of a pursuit of the realization of this function need to edit the language designers to use a script to perform functions of the form submission and response. However, the use of language to develop procedures for the designers of our general requirements may be a bit too high. But do not be afraid, after practice, I found some of the most FP2002 can be a simple calculation of the filing and processing of the results form the settings, for example, can easily by e-mail to complete. Specific methods are as follows:

FP2002 edit areas in the implementation of the task to insert a form, which should be noted that: Settings button type is submit. Right-click on this button, open the "Form Properties" (Form Properties) dialog box, select "Send to others / Custom ISAPI, NSAPI, CGI or asp Script" this, and then open the "Options" (Options) dialog box , in the "Action" (Action) box, enter "mailto: yourname @ servername? mail theme" in the "Method" (mode) selection box "Post" (Mail), in the "Encoding type" (coding type) box, enter the "text / plain", confirmed, will be completed.

A more accurate image positioning

Before the design of web pages, even if the use of forms, in order to accurately display the image at a certain location is not an easy task. However, FP2002, we can use absolute positioning to easily achieve the precise positioning image below: First of all, the need for positioning with the mouse to select the image, and then in the menu bar click "Format" menu item from the drop-down pop-up menu, select "Location" command, the settings in the subsequent pop-up dialog box, select the "positioning style" under the "absolute", so that we can be in the "location and size" column set Department set up their own images of arbitrary size and position of the . More simple method is based on the "positioning style" selected under the "absolute", the arbitrary use the mouse to drag the image to a specific location on it.

Xpress-on style page

Many have adopted a Home concise form of text hyperlinks, and when the mouse points when these links, the text link font, size, number of dynamic changes occur, this small change would make the whole page look odd good dynamic . FP2002 allows you to use the style sheet (style sheet) to easily achieve this functionality, follow these steps:

Open the Format menu in the style of menu options, in the text box to insert the HTML code "a: hover", the results show the following "", "hover" which means "hovering", meaning that the cursor hovering on the hyperlink . Then, open the "style" menu, you can choose when the mouse arrow hyperlink to the text when the text changes in it! There are many alternative options, where we simply set the font to italics, colors, red, italic font style, text-modified for the underscores (the implementation of Text / Decoration / Underline), click "OK" button, and you're done -- - Look! When the mouse arrow to have the text on the hyperlink, the text font to italics, colors, red, italic font style, text will appear below this one underscore.

Forms are also not boxed

Previously, if given a specified image or text around the border with the normal practice is to use indirect forms to achieve. However, the shortcomings of this approach is very flexible, but difficult to achieve WYSIWYG. In view of this defect, FP2002 to provide users with a drop-down menu border tools, take advantage of this feature, the user specified in a given image or text boxes in operation, will become just like in word or Excel do it easy, but it is can quickly bring a variety of border styles applied to text or pictures. In the specific use of the feature, first select Editing Interface FP2002 designated object, and then use the mouse directly on the "Format" toolbar select "Borders" icon (Figure), and in the subsequent pop-up interface choose a format for their needs can be a border.

Snowbird: Well, read these two articles on the frontpage 2002, you do not have the temptation? For beginners, I recommend also FrontPage, her office has carried on a good affinity of the interface and convenient operation, it is easy to use Oh!

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