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From analysis of frequently asked questions page

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Server can not log in

Q: I downloaded a CuteFTP, but they use it to upload web pages do not get how Chuan also, I checked several times, all parameters are right, but not always on the web server log, I do not know what the reasons are?

A: In that case, you should first check the FTP host name, user name and password to complete is correct. Sometimes the FTP site server name, IP address change, so you should go to its Web site to see if there are any changes, general troubleshooting forum on the website or book can be found in the solution. There is also a reason for this is that the FTP service this site has been shut down or the site is down for maintenance.

From the simplest method

Q: I do not want to upload the software in English, around the top branch of the N a trick, nor can upload successful, what unique skills do you have?

A: Yes! Directly in the IE address bar enter "FTP: URL" option. For example, ftp://go.163.com, carriage returns, the system ask you to enter your user name and password, and then enter your IE's home page on the space. Open Explorer, select and copy to upload directories and files, and then paste it into your IE window.

Can not find a file

Q: Can I browse the Web browser, a prompt can not find a file. I would like to ask what are the reasons?

A: First check the file name, file specified directory, file name, such as whether the Chinese. We must pay attention to link the file name with the file name are the same whether the upper and lower case letters. For example, in a document called a hyperlink to Myself.htm, but they do link into a Myself.hml, this document will be unable to find errors.

Show no picture

Q: I have a computer in their view the page as usual, but spread to the Internet after the show how it can not picture it?

A: 1, first of all see the picture you have reached a specified directory, the file is zero length? If so, you need to re-Chuan the document.

2, image path is correct? In particular, attention should be paid to novice, do not use absolute path. The following is a typical error uploads, source files from local hard disk, so in their own machine to the normal display. When transmitted online, use someone else's computer browser, it shows no pictures.

Wrong path: file: / / / D: / images / ty.jpg

The correct path: images / ty.jpg

Note: the location of the file in the instructions, it is necessary to use your web site files in the directory, do not point to a directory outside, otherwise you will have problems. As far as possible, direct choice, not a direct input. Computer in your browser, the browser will certainly find all the files. However, when the web browser and your computer has nothing to do.

3, pictures do not use the Chinese name, and do not use the file name uppercase. Because most servers do not support Chinese file name, especially Unix servers in the file name to distinguish between the upper and lower case letters. In addition, other website named paper should also pay attention to when the same problem.

Coverage of the original file is invalid

Q: Why am I covered by the original document, but the Internet shows that it is the original?

A: You can delete the original file and upload, which is generally the problem of web server.

Can not see their home page

Q: I am uploading the page, the browser can not browse, but can be found using CuteFTP and download. I would like to ask what are the reasons?

A: 1, page file names do not meet the system requirements, such as the System Requirements page document, entitled index.HTML, and your file name is index.htm, then there will be circumstances do not see the home page.

2, Chuan-End does not interrupt or unusual, it may need to delay a moment to see the home page.

3, uploaded the wrong file directory. Please note that check.

Can not use the counter

Q: Can I upload a home page, but no way to use frontpage 98/2000 own counter! Why is this?

A: FrontPage Counter in FrontPage using the CGI program to provide Fpcount.exe, in your home is reflected in a section of source code:

<img SRC="_vti_bin/fpcount.exe/?Page=header.htm Image=2 Digits=5"ALT="Hit Co-unter">.

Counter to display digital images, and generate the source map CGI program (specified by the SRC =../../) installed in your FrontPage Web site directory such as C: \ FrontPage Webs under the content \ _vti_bin under. To use it, we must upload this program and maintain the path and source code described in the same (proposed to amend the source code, to remove any path, and then spread to Home CGI program file directory). However, there is a problem, the majority of free space providers FrontPage do not support the CGI program, which means that you can not use the FrontPage built-in counter. Suggest that you apply for a free online counter, very convenient!

Insert the code error counter

Q: I am free of charge in accordance with the requirements of the code inserted into the counter of my page, but browsing is shown above found that the source code. I would like to ask what are the reasons?

A: Note that the code to insert a few more tests. FrontPage 2000 in the production of the home page, the code will be inserted in some cases encountered such a situation, carefully review the code in the head and tail sign after insertion into the garbage. If so, can the right to amend it.

CGI program is invalid

Q: Why does my CGI not work?

A: Firstly, to confirm the free space you whether to support the CGI program providers. Second, check whether you will upload process in its CGI-bin subdirectory. Note: The extension should be. CGI, it should be executable file attributes. In addition, please call the CGI using the absolute path, such as http://go.163.com/ ~ tianyong1/CGI-bin / *. CGI do not have the best relative path: .. / CGI-bin / *. CGI.

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