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FrontPage 2002 the expansion of plug-ins (d)

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FrontLook Image Chameleon ---- image editing plug-ins

If your web page editing software used by DW , You may find it in the DW is easy to edit pictures, in the DW can be easily called fireworks picture to deal with much more convenient than FrontPage. However, this situation has now changed, in new FrontPage2002 the use of DPA sofeware design company FrontLook Image Chameleon software, you can not shut down in a state of frontpage will be able to edit the GIF and JPEG files.

When you installed the software FrontLook Image Chameleon, it will automatically integrate and FrontPage. If you want to call this tool, you can command line above FrontPage select "Format> FrontLook Image Chameleon", or face on the toolbar select "Image / FrontLook Image Chameleon" button. Opened after FrontLook Image Chameleon software, which in the dialog box select "Open (Open)" button to open the picture you want to edit a document. However, another more simple way is to first select the page you want to edit a picture, and then in the order listed above, select "Format> FrontLook Image Chameleon", this will FrontLook Image Chameleon software pop-up dialog box, and Before you select the automatic loading of images, as shown in Figure 6.

Then you can start very easy to adjust the rod using a variety of image brightness, saturation and color, it is not satisfied with just the local press the "reset" button to restore the picture was the original state. If you edit a JPEG image is, then you can use the "image quality parameters (Quality Factor)" option to set the image compression ratio. This value can be set from 1 to 100 arbitrary adjustments, you can keep the default value (75) remains unchanged, in order to avoid image to reduce image quality after storage.

If you FrontLook Image Chameleon software directly inside the choice "Save", then when you return to FrontPage, the page will be updated automatically apply the new picture, but the original image file has been covering the new document, I suggest you a good picture after the adjustment, Select "Save" will take a new picture store name.

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