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FrontPage XP design skills

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I recently learned how to do web pages with frontpage XP, psychological special happy, I very much want to home in the process of production experience and to facilitate the exchange of a number of exchanges, exchange views and learn, look at us and see.

To do with form button

Many people make a button in order to effect, have to use some image or animation tools, a very troublesome, in fact, use the form on FrontPage XP, you can easily make a button effects. Is: insert a line of a table, and then set the form attribute it to the cell margins and cell spacing set to "0", bright white border as dark as a black border, and then the frame thickness set to a larger value on the list, for example, is set to "9", you may need to be flexible in accordance with the adjustment.

Form Image Stitching

For some of the larger images, if used directly, of course, when we set up a lot of the province, but people have downloaded the suffering, in order to solve this problem, we can cut it into several parts, and then use the form to their spliced together so that you can speed up the image of the download speed. First picture is divided into a few, and then insert a page table, which ranks the number of the same image segmentation, and then after the image segmentation in accordance with the relationship between the original location into the corresponding cell on the list. Effects and we use the original picture is no different, but the download speed is obviously sped up.

Timer switch

Code is as follows:

<! - Close the page from time to time, including 5,000 that is equivalent to 5 seconds ->
<body Bgcolor="#fef4d9" onLoad="setTimeout(window.close, 5000)">

The use of style

When it comes to style, let us first, and a simple style, it is necessary to write a bunch of code, it is not trouble? FrontPage XP in China do not have to write code, but also make excellent style.

Click the "Format" → "Style", choose "Font" dialog box appears, as shown in the dialog box is the default choice. Then we click "New" dialog box that appears, type ". All", then click the "style", in the name box enter "9pt", click "OK." Then click "New" dialog box that appears, type "A: link", then click the "Stylesheet" → "fonts" in the name box, enter "9pt", and then in color box to choose the color we have to set up , as well as set up in the results "underscore" and so on, according to your own preferences to set up on the list. Similarly, you can set "A: hover, A: active, A: visited" and so on. In this way we set up a style, but there is no difference between a master and a.

The use of text and tables

Large amounts of data through the form to the performance of both simple and intuitive, Web pages often use such a form, if you want the data conversion table as a text in FrontPage XP, click "Table" → "conversion table as a text, "the text you want to be. Similarly the need to convert the text as a form click on the "text and transform it into the form" command.

Loading the contents of another page from time to time

In the source code of <HEAD> and </ HEAD> between adding the following code:

<meta Http-equiv="refresh"content="40;URL=http://school.ccidnet.com">

After running every 40 seconds will automatically load the contents of the page http://school.ccidnet.com.
FrontPage XP These are some very practical skills for the page to a friend may be interested in a try.

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