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FrontPage XP No. 5 train station - the design of the form

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Form on the website of the production process is relatively common, to cite a simple example, we have to apply for free e-mail or personal home page, the need to fill out some personal information, such as user name, password, password hint information, the collection of these is a tool for information form. The type commonly used form, including contact information form, request form, delivery and payment of the order form, feedback form, such as a search query form.

Production search form

Of visitors, in a large site to find the article will be very inconvenient, then we can create a search form. The implementation of the "Insert / Web Components" command, open the "Insert Web Component" dialog box. In the left window, select the "Web Search" in the right window, select the "Current Site", and then click "Finish" button to open the "Search Form Properties" dialog box, as shown in Figure 1. In the "Search Form Properties" tab will be "input box of the label" is set to "Search:." And then switch to the "search results" tab, set the query results show the need for information and display format, select "Show File Size" and "select the file date" check box, and after the completion of the "OK", the search form will appear on the page, and as shown in Figure 2. Note that the need to establish a good release after a search form to work properly.

Figure 1 in this setting attribute search form

Figure 2 search form

Use wizard to create form

frontpage XP provides a form to create a Wizard, the implementation of "File / New" command, and then click "Web page or site" in the "Create a new page or site" window, in "Under the new template", click "web page template "In the dialog box that opens, select the" General "tab, and click the" form page wizard "after" OK. "

Wizard to enter the form and click "Next" button to add the issue of access to the interface, click the "Add" button in the dialog box open, from the "choose this problem to collect the input type" list, select the need for visitors to enter the data type, such as "Personal Information", click "Next" button to enter the "Personal Information" interface, select the information needs of visitors to fill in the content, as shown in Figure 3. Dialog box to add the issue of return and click "Next" to enter the "show options" dialog. Setting in the display type, and then enter the Output Options dialog box. Output options can be set for the Web or text file format, in Figure 4, and finally click the "Next" button to complete the form design.

Figure 3 of the wizard form page information

Figure 4 output options in this setting

Manual design form

The implementation of the main menu "Insert / Form / Form" command, you can insert the current page in a new form, including the "submit" and "reset" button two, but also more of a dashed border, the dotted line region is an empty box form, you can add form fields here.

The implementation of the main menu "Insert / form / text box" command, a new text box will be inserted into the current form, the field name and then enter the field before the meaning of the name. Similarly, in the "Insert / Form" menu, select a different control objects inserted into the current form.

Double-click to open text box "Text Box Properties" dialog box, in the "Name" box, enter the name logo text box, if you want the visitor to open the first form text box appears when the text can be in the "initial value" box Enter the text to display, after the completion of the "width" the width of text box set, and finally click "OK" button. In addition, the current form to insert check box, drop-down box, option button and other controls.

Confirmation page

Visitors complete a form filled out and submitted, you can display a confirmation page to show the visitor entry.

First of all, the establishment of a new blank page, set its name as a "confirmation page. Htm". And then open a page has established a good form, click the right mouse button and select "Form Properties" command to open the "Form Properties" dialog box.

Click the "Options" button, select the "confirmation page" tab, click the "confirmation page" text box after the "Browse" button, select the "confirmation page. Htm". And then switch to the "preservation of the domain" tab, there will be displayed just the production of objects in the form of the name, click "Save All" button, and finally "OK" to return to form, so that they form to confirm the current page point to the "confirmation page. htm".

Finally, we re in the "confirmation page. Htm" to add the field to confirm the implementation of the "Insert / Web Component" command in the left window, click the "Advanced Control", and in the right window double-click "to confirm the domain" , and then "OK" in "form to confirm the name" text box to display the name of the domain information, is to be noted that this domain name must be the form and set properties for the form domain vested in the name of the domain to match. Each form to show need to repeat the above steps.

Design using FrontPage to publish to the needs of the form running FrontPage Server Extensions or Microsoft's SharePoint Team Services server to work properly.

Stop Tip: The next stop we will be through a specific example of a look at the overall application of FrontPage XP.

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