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FrontPage XP Tips Collection

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How beautiful is the generated page? Maybe you will be blurted out, of course, out of their own design. Yes! However, there are pages which produced Tools as part of the credit, as a powerful tool for making web pages hyperchromic a lot of pages! Ago, frontpage 2000 is a lot of website designers tool of choice, but since the advent of FrontPage XP, people also began to use it to continue to "blueprint" of the. However, due to FrontPage XP than FrontPage 2000 compared to the introduction of a short period of time, there are many users of some of its internal operations may not be familiar with the tips. To this end, the author here to provide some tips for FrontPage XP, I hope these elements will enable the production of more user-friendly website.

1, when using FrontPage XP to design web pages, we may be from the site or some other local copy of text with hyperlinks to the edit area, then remember that FrontPage xp to pay attention to check the link path, should be relatively.

2, the design of web pages often friends may know, the page size is set to 9pt font, the page's overall layout is very symmetrical and it is beautiful. However, if you are using FrontPage XP, the page will not be able to directly set the font size 9pt, because the procedure list box, the default font is not for us to choose 9pt. Of course, this does not mean that we can not put the page number is set to 9pt, in fact, we can in accordance with the following methods to set up: First of all, with the mouse will need this number is set to select the text, and then move the cursor to "name" box to set up anti-white, and then enter 9 and then click the enter will be able to achieve the objective. Since then, we re-enter text, the text font to 9pt to show up once again to change it so far.

3, designed in FrontPage XP form, usually expressed as a percentage of the width size of the form, size and height of the fixed-size, so that different computers have a resolution of better results. FrontPage XP will sometimes form with a fixed size that this phenomenon in the production line of the form and style between the lines there is inconsistency between the most obvious. At this time we should be in accordance with the following method of operation to force the use of FrontPage XP expressed as a percentage of the specific methods of operation are as follows: First select the table to be set out for the same proportion, and then click the right mouse button, the shortcut from the pop-up menu select "Cell Properties" command, then set up the pop-up dialog box shows the percentage of a width of about it.

4, in FrontPage2000, if necessary to accurately display images at a certain location is an easy task, and to achieve the free movement of images is not easy. However, in FrontPage XP, we can use absolute positioning to easily achieve the precise positioning on the operation of the image. The following are the specific steps: First, the need for positioning with the mouse to select the image, and then in the menu bar click "Format" menu item from the pop-up drop-down menu, select "Location" command, in the subsequent rounds The Settings dialog box, select the "positioning style" under the "absolute", so that we can be in the "location and size" column set Department set up their own images of arbitrary size and location, or we "Positioning style" election under in "absolute", the edit area and then drag the image with your mouse to any location designated by it.

5, if we insert image FrontPage XP, they should pay attention to in time to view the modified image file name information for the Internet to see whether it meets the rules, otherwise the image uploaded to the server can not be displayed correctly. However, in a state of FrontPage XP editing, we can only see whether the image is inserted, and a directory with the other documents in duplicate names, but can not modify the image information of a number of attributes. Specific changes to the file name of image information, we have to manually use Notepad to open the way to the page, take a look at the image whether or not to use the Chinese name, file name and extension is the use of the capital, if there is such a situation, They must modify them, so that when you upload to the server after the page on the Internet in order to display correctly.

6, in the FrontPage XP to create a text hyperlink, the hyperlink text color is usually blue, and have underlined text below, but sometimes may affect the underline to the entire page layout aesthetics, we want to remove it. In fact, this approach is very simple operation, we first selected as long as a hyperlink, and click the right mouse button shortcut from the pop-up menu, choose "Font" command in the pop-up "Font" dialog box, the "designated under line "in front of the line to remove the hook.

7, assuming that we need to do on the page with a table of the form box to fill in data, some of which may form element is empty, then how to do? If you do not deal with, then the effect is shown in the table does not form the box, not with other forms of coordination, if there is a lot of space, it is becoming more and more not look good, and then we can FrontPage XP, go to the form items, enter a space (that is, by the space bar) to solve this problem.

8, I believe that a web page often to see the characters moving around, if we want to move up or down to achieve the effects the text how to do? In FrontPage XP, we can easily achieve this functionality, the following are the specific steps: First of all, the editor in FrontPage XP line of text input areas, such as "welcome", and then use the mouse to select text and at the same time, single menu bar and hit the "Insert" menu item and select "Web components" command, in the subsequent emergence of the "Insert Web Component" dialog box, select the "dynamic effect", and then double-click the "subtitles" in shells The "subtitle Properties" dialog box, we will set the direction of the rolling text from the "right" end of the beginning of rolling; the same time, we would also like to edit from the web site FrontPage XP to switch to the source code of the state, and found "<marquee direction =" right "> Welcome </ marquee>", to which the "right" changed to "up" (or down) fonts can be achieved by the effect of rolling up and down.

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