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In a picture on the production of a number of hyperlinks

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When browsing the pictures in the pages of the different positions by pressing the left mouse button, at this time will be connected to a different page, the effect of good, right? frontpage 2002 provides a very simple picture on a hyperlink on the production of a number of production tools, using the mouse drag in the picture, we can directly to the picture divided into a number of different regions and produced a number of hyperlinks.

1, please open a new page, then click on the toolbar "picture inserted in the document" button.

2, in the "image" in the search dialog box to insert their own picture (click on "View" choose the right side of the triangle, "preview" in the preview window below to view the images you want to choose), the selected image point " Insert. "

3, after the return to the main editing screen, in the inserted picture, click the left mouse button, when the picture will be surrounded by surrounded by eight points at the same time, will appear in the picture below "Photo toolbar." Sometimes, the "picture toolbar" will not automatically jump out, select menu "View → Toolbars → Picture", you can allow the "Image Toolbar" appear.

4, in the "picture toolbar" right, we can find the tools used in the operation button, they are "hot rectangle," "hot round." We directly select the "rectangular hot spots" the role of regional rectangular button settings.

5, by clicking on "rectangular hot spots" button directly on the hyperlink to create a picture of the regional press and hold the left mouse button on hold, then drag the surplus until the scope of regional links with our region an ideal size, then release the left mouse button the end of the regional settings. If the point is "a circular hot spot" button, the start point should be selected to be a circular central region hyperlink.

6, in the following pop-up "to establish a hyperlink" dialog box, select or enter directly to our web site hyperlink, and then press the "OK" button to close "the establishment of a hyperlink" dialog window.

7, steps 5-6 in accordance with the methods described in other regions in the picture by adding hyperlinks to other. After opening this page, when we move the mouse pointer in all image regions on the hyperlink, the mouse pointer will change to "finger" shape, which indicated that we have succeeded in a picture on the establishment of a number of hyperlinks .

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