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Making use of FrontPage 2003 Web Application System

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1. Open FrontPage 2003, click "File → New → Other → New site template web site", then select "database interface wizard", the path of a given site, click [OK] button (Figure 1).

2. Can choose based on asp or ASP.net as a platform for the platform, usually the default ASP, recommend the use of the database first, "the site to create a new Microsoft Access" database, this election does not necessarily require your machine installation of Access, but this database is only according to their database format. Do not change the option directly click [Next] button (Figure 2).

3. To specify the database connection name can also be the default, it is recommended not to use the Chinese language.

4. This step is very critical, you have the database which fields, the data type what is shown on the page for the text box under the next menu or the like, are set here. First of all, the choice of a column name, click "edit" to carry out changes to the content.

The "name" as the field names, "listed the type of" data type for the field, "the type of form field" for the user data record in input interface, the user can choose according to need. Selection is completed, then all is set up (Figure 3).

5. The system automatically create the database, click [Next] button.

6. Set up and operate a database of stored pages path, there is a need to make changes (Figure 4).

7. The proposed database editor check for super-user in accordance with a user name and password for the database to add, delete and other operations (Figure 5).

8. To the final version of the super-system user name and password (Figure 6).

9. Finally, click [Finish] button, the entire database wizard is complete.

At this point, the entire function room has been completed the online application system by 90%, followed by the work to be done is to amend the text of the page, the page background replacement, to submit the form in the drop-down list to assign the initial value of work (Figure 7).

Finally, it is necessary to set up the operating system. In the Administrative Tools control panel to open IIS, default Web site in a new virtual directory, in accordance with the set up wizard prompts to remind that, in setting access rights, we must check the "executive" option, otherwise IE does not support ASP pages to compile the analysis (Figure 8).

Built virtual directory, you can in IE through http://localhost/gls/ (the assumption that virtual directory called gls) function to access the online application system of the room. To localhost only for the cost of machine IP address, which had been widely reported and to allow teachers to visit so we can trouble the way out of the old, the real efficiency.

It is worth mentioning that, use the wizard to establish web-based database system is very convenient, really takes time to set up is the fourth step, the remaining steps can be adopted very soon, for no knowledge of ASP users who want tois a great help. But after all, is automatically generated, many users need to guide the custom function is not available if users need to further improve its functionality to meet the professional standards, or whether they need to understand that part of the network to modify the language.

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