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Making use of FrontPage station information search platform

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For individual sites, the increase in the amount of information with the site, we also need to site additional stations, search engines outside the station to facilitate visitors to visit and information retrieval, addition, an increase of stations, station search engine can also be effective to improve site level, the major stations so that more personal style of website.

However, many regulators are "afraid" to add search engines, because in their minds to produce a search engine programming requires not only professional but also profound knowledge of database technology, etc. In fact, I believe that after you read this article, we will find: the search engine is actually very simple!

Information search site to do what is required

1. To understand the language of the server support, such as whether to support the frontpage server extension, whether or not to support ASP, PHP, etc., if only to support HTML, only making use of the professional code search function.

2. To master methods of code editor. Familiar with the code to make it easier for Web site search engine close to the style.

Making use of FrontPage Search

FrontPage can not only help us to quickly create entry page can also be used for the production of a simple web site search engine, web pages can be produced, Site Search at one go.

The first step, open FrontPage2003, the implementation of "File → Open the Web site," To set up a station designated search engine directory website. And then in the "Site" folder double-click to open stations need to add the entrance to the page search engine (usually the index page) to enter the edit state.

The second step, according to the layout page to add search to the entrance of the mouse position, the implementation of the "Insert → Web Component" component list to open the window, select "Web Search → current site", click "Done" button in the pop-up "Search Form Properties" (pictured) set up the search window and search the results of the entrance parameters, "OK" on the page after the search engine points to add completed.

Tip: If the other pages also need to set up search portals, will be setting a good home past the entrance you can paste the code, the other, FrontPage station produced by the search engine needs to support the FrontPage Web site space to expand to the normal operation of the server module.

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