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Skillfully to the page in FP in to add a vertical line

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Page article in the painting are <hr> line statement, you can insert a horizontal line, but how to insert a vertical line? <hr> We can make use of the method can also be used to insert the table method.

Method one: use of vertical lines inserted <hr> statement. Insert a new page in a horizontal line, and then select this line, click the right mouse button, select "Line Properties" command to set a pixel width, height of 100 pixels, a 100 pixel high vertical line came out (Figure 1).

Figure 1

Want a longer line can be high for large, although the page will be immediately extended a straight line, but the actual operation, the vertical line or how long, there is no change in ah! Why is this? That is because HTML only recognizes 100 horizontal pixels high. If you then add a carriage return key, and then draw a horizontal line the same, or in the vertical direction within the two cells have the same horizontal line with a vertical line can be lengthened. General formula can also change the line color to achieve different results.

Method 2: Insert a table by adding the use of vertical lines. Insert a table in the table, click the right mouse button, select "Form Properties", set the table cell margins and spacing are 0, border thickness to 1, check the "designated width", type 1, set the form of a specified pixel width, check the "designated height", type 100, set the height of 100 pixels, and then set the appropriate background color such as black can be (Figure 2).

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