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Understanding of FrontPage 2002, one of the expansion of plug-ins

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Used Dreamweaver for a friend, in the Dreamweaver plug-in called the expansion is a very common thing, but to use Microsoft's frontpage software to edit this page you, it can also be thought to include the expansion of the FrontPage plug-ins it? Microsoft FrontPage as a result of many web site development work to be automated, so when used, FrontPage will be automatically generated for you behind the scenes of these formats the HTML source code needed, and FrontPage also allows you do not know any programming language based on conditions to join the interactive web site.
If you want to join a FrontPage does not provide the dynamic effect? In this case, you may be able to install to other manufacturers through the provision of specially designed for the FrontPage plug-in plug-ins to expand the functions of FrontPage.

Microsoft's home page provides a list of FrontPage plug-in procedures:


However, the list of the many procedures which are designed for earlier versions of FrontPage can not very well in the FrontPage 2002 version of the new use. Here I would like to briefly introduce the models can use FrontPage 2002 to install plug-ins, and they hope to help you.

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