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Using FrontPage convert picture file formats

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PC enthusiasts will encounter the need to convert image format, and is usually in the BMP, JPG, GIF, PNG and other common conversion between formats. ACDSee can be done, but if they are using frontpage Having to do page picture of the situation need to convert, then you can be achieved directly through FrontPage. The following example we FrontPage 2000 (other versions are also similar), take a look at specific methods of operation:

First of all, start FrontPage 2000, the new editor of a blank page, the cursor inserted into any page, then click the menu bar of the "Insert → Picture → From File", choose to convert the picture file, click "OK "After this picture will be inserted into the page. At this point we are in the picture on the right-click, select "Image Properties" to open its Properties panel, in the General tab of the "Type" see there are three single option: GIF, JPG and PNG, that is, images can be converted for the three formats, in addition to picture quality settings item.

Suppose we inserted this picture as BMP format, we selected a single option "JPG" then it can be converted to JPG format, image quality settings is not recommended below 75% of the default value, or loss of picture quality may be more Great. In the appearance tab, by modifying the width and height values will be able to change the picture size (the page can also drag the picture frame through to achieve). After attributes are set up, press the "OK" button, the page will be showing a picture of the actual effects. Finally, we click on "File → Save the file" will be saved the page, pay attention to the prompt "Save embedded file" when the image files stored in a directory you specify it. If you want to convert multiple images, repeat the steps after the new page can be. Now, we take a look at the specified directory to open the conversion have a good picture of the inside.

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