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Website design by FrongPage tricks

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In progress in the development of thinking, of course, synchronized on the page but also the day of the fashion world. In the "rolling character", "Horse Race" has become common today, the page of a new pattern can change it?

◆ production refers to the mouse pointer will change in the above dynamic button

Adopted in the frontpage menu command: "insert (Insert)"> "active elements (active unit)"> "hover botton (dynamic button)", can create dynamic effect of the button. However, this effect is based on the button javaapplet small procedure, it is slow and can not display prompt text, the mouse pointer into a hand-shaped and so on can not be shortcomings. Dreamweaver 2.0 introduced here with javascript based on the dynamics of the production method of the button.

Button in the production of this effect, first of all, each button to create two different images, one under normal circumstances is to show the picture, another is the mouse pointer on the button to show when the picture. Picture naming the best regular, for example, are two pictures of botton. gif, botton_1. gif.

First of all, the first in FrontPage to insert pictures and hyperlinks for good, save the file transferred later Dreamweaver (If you are familiar with Dreamweaver, can not FrontPage "help"). Click to insert the first picture select it and click on "behaviors (acts)" window (if not shown, show it by f8) in the + button, select the menu "swip image (picture exchange)" to open dialogue box, according to "browse (browse)" button to select the second picture, the last point of "ok" to determine. In this way, the effect of a dynamic button on the make, and simple.

◆ visualization using FrontPage to edit style sheet

You must have seen many of the home page of this link, it does not like an ordinary link is always underlined, when referring to the mouse up, the link text will change color and a underline, this is a credit to the style sheet!

Open to use FrontPage to edit HTML files, use the menu command "format (format)"> "stylesheet ... (...)" open style" format stylesheet (style format) "dialog box, shown here in conjunction with the current file the content of style sheets, you can <! --. . . -> Between the style sheet to add or modify statement. If you want to add a new style statement, we must first enter the tag (eg: a: link, a: hover, a: active, a: visited, they were said: under normal circumstances are not visited, and the mouse close to each other, when a mouse click , visited link style). Then, put the cursor at the end of this tab stop, click the bottom left corner of the dialog box "style ... (...)" style button, enter the" style (style) "dialog box, where you can set a variety of styles attributes. If you want to change the style of a label, as long as the cursor in the appropriate tab to stop a pair of back braces in the code anywhere, and then press "style ... (...)" style button can be modified.

Example: you want the link on mouse over, the text into a yellow background, the text itself into the red with no underline. First in the <! --. . . -> Between the input a: hover, and then it stopped at the end of the cursor, press "style ... (...)" style button to enter the" style (style) "dialog box, in the" colors (color) "on page set the "foreground color (foreground color)" in red, "background color (background color)" for the yellow, in the "text (text)" settings page "decoration (modified)" to "none (none)", and then determine . At this time, FrontPage has code (background-color: rgb (0,0,128); color: rgb (255,255,255); text-decoration: none) added to the a: hover label behind than their own made much easier?

◆ create pop-up window

There are many in the open when the page will pop up a smaller window, display ads or some of the latest information. The production of pop-up window that is very simple, as long as the code of the page insert the following tag <body> similar code:

<script Language="javascript">

window. open ( 'url', 'window name', 'property list');

</ Script>

Which the "url" is displayed in the window of the HTML document address; "window name" can be an arbitrary, but do not use English; "property list" is a comma-separated values of various attributes of the string, which defines the shell the appearance of a window with the state. Commonly used attributes are:

toolbar (the toolbar is displayed), location (whether to display the address bar), directories (whether the common link), status (whether to display the status bar), menubar (menu section is displayed), scrollbars (whether or not to use scroll bar), resizable ( whether to change the size), the attribute value equal to 1 that is equal to 0 or not this attribute that has joined the list. In addition, there are width (window width), height (high window), top (with the distance from the screen above), left (with the screen from the left) for attributes such as size and position of pop-up control.

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