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10 The most common time management skills blog

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When a blog found himself writing more and more time intense, more difficult time, you should analyze what in the end is a waste of their time, some of the common habits unknowingly consume his time, The analysis summarized here, a number of techniques for common waste of time, place, made 10 blog their own time management program.

1, some subscribe unsubscribe

This is a major waste of time, place, if the Feed Subscribe to Google Reader in more than 200, it is often every day, 100 + articles to read, when should choose to unsubscribe from some of Feed, will read the volume control less than 100 articles, we can unsubscribe from a large number of those daily updates, only the output summary, or duplicate content, and other Feed subscription Feed of these a large number of updates Live or iGoogle put up, so that Feed is very manageable, in the Feed reading time can save a lot of time, and can still get the correct updates.

2, do not modify the template

Template link color is # 0033cc good-looking, or # 0066cc look good? Perhaps some of the side could have been broader, and perhaps is best to use the bottom of the gray. Beautify your blog, as well as Seo is a never-ending, so do not waste time every day bar here, it is best out of a weekend devoted time to do.

3, test ads longer

Optimizing ad unit size, color and position changes can make you get more benefits, but the click-through rate and revenue changes are not necessarily so fast, so best to wait for a week of time to check the ads.

4, and less from statistical data

Web site traffic data is a matter of concern, but it really necessary to constantly check the site statistics, and pay attention to access to sources? Site visits statistics once a day to see enough to understand the total number of visits per day is sufficient analysis of their own SEO trick.

5, turn off the instant messaging software

There is no need to let others see their online then? If you want to concentrate on writing, then it must be to avoid being disturbed, so all of the instant messaging software (MSN / Gtalk / QQ) are closed bar, full concentration to write. If you want to query off-line information, then hidden on-line it, only when the re-connection when needed.

6, twice daily e-mail

Do you need to reply immediately receive the message? You are not doing customer support, there is no need to reply to a message in 4 hours, then twice a day dealing with e-mail it, to spend time on more meaningful things, the reply will not delay the time when e-mail the same day e-mail reply the same day, do not wait until tomorrow deal.

7, forget spam comments

Do not waste time in the Akismet comment spam filter to find thousands of rare "non-spam" comments, if the reader comments do matter, then the readers will keep in touch you, so do not see the spam or junk mail.

8, close Adsense notice

Have a cool FireFox extension, you can check the time every 15 minutes of your Adsense income, good income can certainly inspire your morale, but still this feature off it, income can be inspected once a day, which will let you bottlenecks in the hearts of more and more beneficial to concentrate on writing the log. Advised to turn off all of the real-time statistical reporting tools.

9, reducing keywords report

Of course you can use Google Alerts to track to breaking news or a topic of concern to their own, but the notification message will continue to increase, a lot of time will be wasted on such information into view, so delete those and your blog off-topic Alerts bar.

10, stop cranky

Your ideas on paper or electronic documents, some of your whim, may soon be forgotten, so your thoughts and ideas recorded in the notebook, do not imagined, to record ideas, and perhaps records of these things is your next article.

You're wasting your time? Then look at the above program to implement it, I believe you will soon be out of the trap of wasting time and correctly manage their time.

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