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Search engine optimization is to make a lot of headaches BLOGGER thing, because every time I write Seo articles there are always a lot of time complaining to me BLOGGER: Why do I always write good quality content, but search engine optimization can not be played on an article BLOG What role!

I have never denied that quality content is better than everything, but you have to understand that, in fact, hundreds of millions of pages are a good article over think hard, they came in search engine results last, and those who should have been read has not been found in the article. BLOGGER process of writing the BLOG itself, there are some prejudice, they think they rank BLOG naturally be higher.

People often ask me is: How can my BLOG ranked first (in the most popular search engine)?

My answer such a start: I do not know what I am talking about ...... but ......

You see, although some of my blog articles in the various search engines have a very high ranking - often I do not know why. My approach is usually based on the study to guess, and try to how to improve the search engine rankings. I also read a lot of other people on how to improve search engine rankings recommendations. However, the more I read, the more I feel not only a person in such a touching stones. Almost every article in this regard is a certain degree of speculation.

I have people who want to BLOG search engine optimization of the owners is: to keep BLOG simplistic. In a particular field to write good quality content, and then around the current best way to optimize it.

Explained at the beginning, I would like to BLOGGER that search engine optimization will not be defeated. Search engine looks very complex, it became troubled BLOGGER side, but you should know there are many other aspects of BLOG mind, I will tell you of these, there are more than well-established search engine optimization is more important. Also, please note, not to indulge in the temptations of search engine optimization, remember to make your BLOG to keep the original character and natural impression.

SEO experts, SEO experts are divided into stations and stations outside the SEO experts, we will explain separately.

Station SEO (from the site's search engine technology)

Station SEO added into the yes from the site's search engine technology, named from an external site on the BLOG in search engine rankings of the impact of these external factors are beyond the control of BLOGGER. The most useful external sites most powerful factor that anti - to the link. that we are talking about the external links.

There is no doubt linked to a site included into the search engine results page to play an important role. Simply put, each a link to your (BLOG) sites, were seen as a search engine to your site credibility cast one vote.

Ideally, the best reverse link is from high-quality and ranking of the site links. They chains than through the relevant keywords into your links to related topics written by better results. But if you can not oblige others to links to your BLOG, you do just imagine.

So how to generate high-quality backlinks?

We all know that high-quality links is not easy, in most cases its chain of other people, so how do you get such a link?

High-quality content ---- there are various ways to generate external links for the BLOG, I know the best way is to write high-quality content, your content so that readers desire to read. You can get plea links, it can be registered automatically generate links to procedures, or even to the other station to buy links. However, the cheapest and most secure way is natural in an organized manner to let others link to your high-quality content.

Note that with you related to the content BLOGGER ---- I do not advocate the BLOGGER to other mass-mailing to exchange links, but I suggest that if you write articles on a topic of quality of articles, and feel that will make others BLOGGER interested in, that to these BLOGGER made a short courtesy EMAIL to let them know of your articles, would be valuable. Even if they do not link, do not feel embarrassed. you will find if they clicked on the link to have a direct the flow, resulting in improved search engine PR value.

Categories ---- Another way to generate backlinks is to submit to the category of your BLOG directory. I know that many owners are convinced of the effectiveness of this strategy, when to start a new site, they do The first step is to do work around the classified directory, select the appropriate key words submitted to the keywords links pages. There are many classified directories, most of them free of charge, there is a BLOG classified directory listing that contains most of the BLOG search engine , you might want to submit about.

BLOG internal links ---- With the BLOG of the development and growth in the number, BLOGGER started to pay attention or create a BLOG networks, as they say, the "link farms". BLOG One of the benefits the network is BLOG "doorway pages" of the links between each other. In this way, you can control the site from multiple domain names. This approach is no sense, and you should be careful, if your on the same server all sites, search engines are easy to detect these links, and reduce confidence in the value of these links, page grade zero.

Buy Link ---- a lot of professional sites have budgets from other high ranking sites to buy links, here I will not say more.

Link Exchange ---- content will be similar to the exchange of links between BLOGGER. Sometimes, this behavior occurs quite naturally (as you see someone links to your BLOG, and then you will be polite back-chain), but In most cases, links are the interests of the purpose, and in the link between the two BLOGGER is a form. I'm almost every day to receive such reciprocal link request (I rarely respond to). Although such exchange will have a certain link interests, I still have to be here to warn you, as a SEO expert should be very clear that the search engine there are many ways to keep track of this exchange of links to devalue them. Some attempt to bypass a direct link to Triangle of conversion, They replace the A and B to do a direct exchange, and to other stations include it. For example, A link to the C, in essence, in exchange for the D (of course, the owner of D with c is the same one), give you a headache is a bit not?! There are a variety of system claims that it will for you to build a secure internal links, I know that most people use digital Point's Free C0-Op Advertising system. Personally, I would try to avoid such programs, there are approach of link to the site of my readers is valuable.

Station SEO (search engine optimization based on site technology)

Just analyzed from the site's search engine technology, I will turn attention to analysis of other factors, when you build BLOG can be used when the. (Professional search engine technology - BLOG when you do these things will be a time when The BLOG to help you achieve higher rankings). good SEO expertise has every aspect of the speculation around the SEO techniques there are many, as much as possible I have here are some:

Write keyword-rich content of the article for you ---- to add new keywords will be conducive to the article index GOOGLE spider. But not piled up too many keywords, in addition to considering "how to do make people to be found in the search engines this article? "If people are looking at the content of GOOGLE in the article you have, then you have to consider that they will enter any word in the GOOGLE search for related articles? answer to the question shows that you should be the word throughout your entire articles.

These keywords in your article need to be frequently mentioned, you can follow the following method:

Key words should appear in the title tag inside;

URL inside a keyword, ie, the directory name of the file name you can put some keywords;

Export link on the page the link text includes keywords;

Is shown in boldface keywords (at least try to do once);

Reference to the keywords in the tag (on how to use the head tag has been controversial, but the consensus is that the h1 tag more than h2, h3, h4 impact of better, of course, some did not use head tags page also has a high PR value of );

Image ALT tags can be placed in keywords;

Throughout the article should include keywords, but preferably are placed in the first paragraph of the first sentence;

In the meta tags (meta tags) into the keywords (which point the value of getting lower and lower, but still some people believe that some search engines are useful);

Be careful not to in order to optimize the articles are filled with the keywords, the formation of keyword stuffing, thus destroying your article, you distort the intention of writing this article. Most of the SEO experts suggest that 5-20% keyword density is best between, I think 20% of the density could undermine your article.

Finally would like to say something, not in order to do SEO optimization, and give up the user experience on your BLOG. While the keyword density for search engine crawling is important, but the most important thing is the content and design of BLOG readers are friendly, to enhance the reader's experience. There's nothing like all filled with keywords BLOG To make matters worse, and do not be such case.

Theme BLOG ---- from my recent reading of the SEO theories learned, if you write the BLOG are on the same topic, then it might get a better ranking. For example, a subject than those covered BLOG BLOG range of subjects ranking higher. the establishment of a more than 200 pages of BLOG, content is the same theme, this BLOG will continue to increase in the rankings, because in this theme where your BLOG is considered authoritative. to consider look at this proposal to keep your BLOG in some of the same themes. Of course, not to do so does not mean that your BLOG can never get better rankings. it's just considered a factor.

Site Design - - search engines prefer to have a good page structure, and correct the code and clear the site navigation. To make sure your pages are valid and in the mainstream visual browsers. Search engines do not like too much The Flash, frames and java script script, so to keep the site clean and tidy, but also conducive to search engine spiders crawling faster and more accurate to your index.

The site's internal links - - search engines work by crawling through the spider web of information to track you write the content and the link through the web page to find web pages, extract the hyperlink address. Many SEO experts are providing website BLOG maps, in the BLOG on the best of each page has between 1-2 in-depth links. BLOGGER first step is to ensure that navigation in the catalog page that contains, but also to ensure that each sub-page has a link back to main page and other important pages.

---- BLOG updated regularly update the number of the more frequent search engine spider crawling the more frequent. This means that the new BLOG article within a few days or even hours can appear in the index, without having to wait several weeks. This is the best benefit from the BLOG way, as much as possible so do it.

Export links - - search engine on the controversial subject of how to deal with export links. I have always believed related to Export link will increase the BLOG in search engine rankings. I am often in the article links to other related sites, I think it right to my readers is useful, there are some interesting evidence Yi supports this theory. in your BLOG links to external sites will reduce the BLOG part of the traffic, so you need to calculate the loss of what to do. Note: You should also be Try some authority to do the relevant sites to link to your own BLOG. Remember that a lot of Export link will affect the lower your BLOG, as the SEO said, moderation is the key.

A wise choice domain name - - Choose a domain name a large number of factors. The most important point is that, if possible, try to include keywords. 2nd you should spend a little time to see if anyone registered before the domain name. Of course, is also a gender effect . if preceded by high-quality sites and it is doing the reverse link, then you benefited. but there are likely to do the reverse link are some rubbish sites, you may be prohibited GOOGLE for a long period of time. this test expired domain backlink tool you might use.

The registration of domain names as early as possible ---- GOOGLE behave proof of an earlier registered domain names will be higher in the rankings. This is because a lot of garbage site, only short-term registration, domain name a long time to prove your main aim is to Jianzhan , and will operate it for a longer time.

---- The theme of each article the subject of a page more compact, search engine its rankings, the better. Sometimes you may find you write a long article, covering a number of different topics, their relevance and is not high. If you are concerned about search engine rankings, it is best to put such an article into cubes, divided into several themes the article more closely.

Write a suitable length of the article on Search Engine Optimization ---- Some people think that the article is too short not get a higher ranking. The general control of every article I have at least 250 words. Of course, my BLOG also has a much shorter article , but if I want to have a good ranking articles, I will pay attention to control its length. On the other hand, does not seem to make the article too long, because it will not help you keep your keyword density, the article looks also a lack of tight . studies show that the article is too long will be a sharp reduction in the number of readers, they look at first glance, the time chose to shut down the article.

To avoid repetitive ---- GOOGLE in using the guidelines in a serious warning to the same content over multiple pages on the issue. Whether those pages are your own or someone else owned. Because of a series of garbage content sites is the continuous replication (also theft others website content). there is some debate about what kind of content replication operator, what should not be included (for example, a number of free articles BLOGGER like to share in their own BLOG, these articles have appeared in a few tens of millions of web page) My suggestion is if your BLOG to appear in many places that you have to be careful.

Ping ---- like Pingomatic such services, it can help you ping to other sites, suggesting that the content of your BLOG has been updated. In this way, search engines know your article has been updated, in order to attract spiders come crawling.

BLOG of the RSS submitted to the BLOG of the RSS submitted to MyYahoo ---- seeds to Yahoo's MyYahoo readers, which would help yahoo index. You can also submit to Google's Personalised pages, which have the same effect.

Catalog number - - the directory when I was too much time, I will be in trouble. I think the big sites higher level than the small station, of course, some small sites that have a high level, this is not the standard. Contents more , the search engine to search the more comprehensive. If you have too many pages, you need to organize them to facilitate the search engines crawl. I do not mean arbitrarily set up some unnecessary junk directory, please note that, as time goes by, the most Good to build a large and comprehensive site.

---- Submitted to search engines if you do SEO all the stations have to do something, BLOG are still not appear in search engines. That is because search engines have not yet begun included. Each search engine allows users to submit the site is not included. generally require a long period of time to wait for the search engine included, perhaps, or a faster way to get search engines has been the site included a link.

Last added: the above techniques, mostly from my personal experience and other people there are learned. I am not a SEO expert, but if you use the above method, you can also do it well. Do not be confused SEO, if you forget reader, to forget the quality of written content, only for SEO, then you will soon find that you fall into the tricks of the SEO, then search engines have refused!

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