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Search engine wars and spam

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Imposition of severe punishments in troubled times, search engine spam in the long-term war, always at a disadvantage (which is very easy to understand, search engine companies seriously consider the relevance of search results and sorting of only a few people, and the Internet all day pondering how to deal with search engines have hundreds of thousands of tens of thousands of webmaster), so the spam is very severe punishment, in fact, all of the search engine spam to them identifiable behavior, usually only a form of punishment: permanent shielding. Tai Chi is a popular chain, chain of these Hyperlink Phoenix group, there is the possibility of being treated as spam. Registered domestic search engine market has not yet formed, but in foreign countries is very well-developed industry, 200 percent annual growth rate, which is called SEO, or search engine optimization is in some ways, almost spam to promote the the progress of the search engine, the day a long, long time ago, search engines have to search results more accurately, in order to bring the most relevant search results the top surface, the invention of meta tag. Initially, meta tag is used well, then, honest webmaster who truthfully fill out the Web site a summary of the truth with his Web site lists the most relevant keywords, search engines are crawling, indexing, retrieval of these honest meta tag, and sort search results as an important basis, then, is a sweet fine time.

The rapid passage of time, sweet time can not stop the forces of capital. "Once there is adequate profit, capital boldly up ... ... 50% of the profits, he would take the risk; 100% of the profits, he would dare to trample on all human laws; 300% of the profits, he would dare to commit any offense and even the first to take the risk of strangulation. "More and more websites started to pursue the pursuit of income pageview, they began to deceive the search engine, meta tag in them into piles of keywords into their own website content with nothing to do but pop keywords. The power of the masses is enormous, and the relevance of search engines have been destroyed. . .

Search engine on the cheating started the first round back, but can not afford, and their approach is: in order to rely on more pages when the text rather than the meta tag.

Cheating in order to enter for the retreat to begin the second round of attacks, they are widely used in the text and page background color the same keywords into the image tags in the keywords in the page code to "see the notes."

Search engine to begin the second round back, they find an effective way to filter these invisible text, made a small victory.

Kind-hearted good-natured and the epitaph, despicable is despicable the Pass ", cheating is invalid conventional weapons are seen to begin in good faith use of search engines. Search engine spider is a modest, self-disciplined on the Internet, they will visit any site in his capacity as self-reported, site visit and inspection requirements, in full accordance with the rules of the site to work. Thus, elaborate cheating are the two sites, one for friends to visit, a search engine for access, whenever the access request from a search engine, the on the return for the search engines can see the satisfaction of search engine pages, and the normal visitor can only see another totally different site. This method is called cloaking. This is the third round of attacks were over cheating.

March 1, 1998, respectively, AltaVista, Excite, HotBot, Infoseek, Lycos was the most popular search words "Monica Lewinsky", the search engine page was respectively 50%, 30%, 30%, 10%, 50 % of the search results are spam. From this we can see who was the rampant cheating and to what extent!

Search engines are, because they moral weaknesses, as do not want to use some means, it is not possible to fully identify the Web site cloaking, it is not fully deal with those who cheat. Search engine can only be found in severe punishment of spam, to warn of cheating, and the development of today's result is that all of the search engine spam on their behavior identified, only a form of punishment: permanent shielding.

However, the severe punishment has always been incompetent excuse for shirking its responsibility, and to improve the situation can not be true. "Once there is adequate profit, capital boldly up ... ... 50% of the profits, he would take the risk; 100% of the profits, he would dare to trample on all human laws; 300% of the profits, he would dare to commit any offense and even the first to take the risk of strangulation. "cheat who has never been afraid of punishment, when the advent of the Internet frenzy, the pursuit of those who cheat the pageview is unbridled.

Have no alternative but to search engines, only to find a new order based on relevance, only to find the sort of cheating are the basis of control, only to find a site other than the sort of basis, search engines, really have no choice.

Thus, the beginning of a hyperlink analysis, there Pagerank. A web page, what is it their own, it is anything else? , if it is true, then point to the link on this page should be from pages with similar content, so the links point to this page can be used to verify the relevance of this page.

Who, motivated by greed and the least likely to cheat? Who are most likely to provide web content accurately? Is the government web sites, and educational Web site. Therefore, the analysis in the hyperlink, gov and edu sites are usually given a higher ranking, from the Hyperlink gov and edu also have higher value.

PageRank but also brought a number of unsolicited sort of error factors: a new station as the old station, as the major stations station, professional station less popular stations. A new site, a small site, a professional web site, its contents no matter how good, as it is impossible to quickly get a large number of hyperlink, it is not possible to get the right position, even if its content is second to none. And a long history of the old site, big site, popular site, even if it hasupdate, or the content of some small sites are far less, they could get high rankings.

When hyperlink analysis of just when, Seo community was pessimistic that it is not cheating, SEO industry has been finished (like the search engines have been recent charges, SEO industry feel bleak prospects, in fact, search engine rankings while the market to give the big search engines are, but there is still money in SEO, after all, only the model workers are laid off from the possibility of never heard of unemployment liar), but the rules outsmart quickly SEO have found ways to deal with Hyperlink Analysis: You do not like to link to you, well, I do a lot on the site, prepare a large number of links, which clients pay, I gave it all a link page. SEO method that is called link firm. This approach first appeared is still considered effective, but do so quickly, because a site is a large number of irrelevant pages from the content of the link, or a search engine's Web site is not given a large number of irrelevant links is also not difficult to determine . And when found a link firm, those who use the link firm's Web site on all. Wmw forum I saw a guy on the post, saying that his website was blocked, but he felt very clean, did not do spam, so take the initiative to ask the Google Web site the reasons for him was simply because he used the a link firm, is really pathetic.

Sort the results of a search algorithm, if more is based on the concept, theme, based on the quality of Web content, rather than each network chain to chain to the importance of the Hyperlink, then the relevance of search results is essentially on will be even better.

However, let the computer learn to understand and evaluate website content? It seems very long way off; spend a lot of manpower to assess what a web page? This is certainly a loss of commercial activity, and only rely on volunteers. So as close to the ODP, but it can only click, or use the keyword search with the hyperlink can not be compared to the results of the analysis.

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