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Technorati opportunities and exit options

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This translation from the Read / Write Web

About two months ago, HitWise published on the search engine market leader Technorati data reporting, data show that the flow of Technorati the first time ever lost to Google BlogSearch. Google BlogSearch traffic increase greatly benefited from Google will be Google BlogSearch links placed in the Google News home page. Technorati This is obviously unfair competition, but for Google it is fair and reasonable. Therefore, in this article, we will Technorati be placed under the microscope to see if their technology, strategy and, most importantly, their exit strategy.

Technorati opportunities and exit options

Technorati vs Google ------ ordinary web search vs blog search

Technorati on Google, in other words is a blog search for web search. But in a Web search, relevance is the importance of distinguishing the main frame of reference pages in the blog search, this is only the second frame of reference. In blog search, affect the search results of the most important parameter is the timeliness. Time, is the blog search of the most important metrics.

Blog tracking the latest events occurring in circles the best way is to have a good ping the database - which is why Yahoo acquired in 2005, why open source ping service Blo.gs. Technorati blog search market, as the most popular service providers and the first player to enter this market, there should be a better ping the database. On the other side, Google's Page Rank algorithm in this area is not very handy to use.

However, Google's wide range of resources is obviously not available in Technorati. Technorati unhealthy sub-structure in their well-known (-_-|||), This makes it a shameful drops of error occurred frequently. Think about it, who else from such a low-level errors in the profit? Suggestive, Friendster has encountered these problems on their technical problems to their competitors, offers a golden opportunity, of course, his rival is Myspace.

Technorati complicated design

Technorati's page design seemed more the complexity, of course, it is, and Google Blogsearch to compare results.

Unlike ordinary search, blog search is more community-oriented - so it also requires more social-oriented elements. That is why their design is always the feeling with a rich color and why they would be home and add a variety of complex structure, such as "feature blog" features like the reasons.

Technorati Tools (who ^ _ ^)

Technorati Another high-quality asset is their friendly analytical tools for the blogger and blog welcome degree list. These tools Technorati makes blogging a unique evaluation criteria and the general blogger's object of attention.

Their latest features, wtf ( "tmd, I love you" in English translation version? Li Yuchun's Yuannian? Is Where is the fire? Where the most fire, and other users of the mainland do not have to Mengza linked), is a popular point marked , and made attempts to Technorati topic posed by Wikipedia. This is a very new feature, you want to be successful there is still a long way to go.

Advocates of micro-formats

Technorati microformats is to make the other distinctive features, they have been micro-format applications, strong support and leadership. (What is a micro-format? Simply means that the opening for the ordinary user data structure, see Greengnn's blog to learn more about micro-formats information:


Microformat official website: http://microformats.org/)

Technorati relations and micro-formats, as Six Apart (Flying Pig respected VOX.COM service providers), and the same as the relationship between the OPEN ID. They enable the company from a business point of view and are given the benefits of network effects. Technorati's CTO Tantek Celik is a micro-format in the world of anti-structured movements (in fact I want to say standard-bearer) and is also a global multi-media co-founder of the Association Agreement.


The most important question is: This San Francisco-based small businesses out of what mechanism? IPO? Or be acquired? No one knows, but the following points seem clear:

Technorati should be some of the existing search companies, like Yahoo, that kind of business, the blog search to expand the direction of a very good stepping-stone. Imagine if Technorati has web search options, you will not use it? (Speaking, China's users are no idea) search is not just technology, games, as I previously stated. The gap between the search technology is being gradually narrowed. It is more like a habit, like Compete and Alexa's data shows, the user is becoming increasingly dependent on Technorati's blog search.

Technorati is also the level of socialization and identification of the blog (). So those interested in social media, business start-up companies who would also owned by Technorati interested in what, Viacom and News Corp, I am talking about your child's cry.

Technorati is not necessarily in the financial operation of health (Mody money, Mody money). They are struggling with high bandwidth costs and has been Google hired away a key corner (There are also a related report). They tracked the thousands of blog, so they dry oil lamp will be a very high chance of doing. (If they do not consider withdrawing from, the next round of financing will be unavoidable.)

Michael Arrington (TechCrunch author) a year ago, has made a similar prediction, but his shameful defeat, and what did not happen. So, this time we stick to act as a corner of God - when Technorati will be acquired?

Translation bonus products:

1.Technorati and Google BlogSearch users by age:

Some of the translation from Hitwise: Google Blog Search Surpasses Technorati

Hitwise statistics show that Google BlogSearch attract more young people than Technorati. 10% of Technorati users aged 18-24 years old, while 34% of GBS users to belong to this age group. Interestingly, Google News users only use about 15% of the visitors belong to the 18-24 age group. This shows that young people are more willing to Google News by clicking the "Search blog" button (really strange). In sharp contrast to this, Technorati age in high-level ( "45 years old) to do the user level is very good. Of course, these two sites are to attract more male users, 55% of Technorati users and 61% of Google BlogSearch users are men. (That almost certainly have a positive Well established)

Technorati opportunities and exit options

2. Part of the RW / W reader comments translated

Technorati advantage lies in its authority, as well as their importance is often used as weights and measures appear in the public field of vision.

Their weakness is pretty rotten customer support, a mess of a technical error, and often Out of Service.

There are the most important point, but also competitors, Sphere and other similar competitors weaknesses, in addition to their blog search outside nothing. Each knows a little more people will have their own ways to track blog: desktop RSS reading tools, online tools, syndicated news station or a social media site. No matter how the development of blog search, I can not find any reason to abandon the use of you already accustomed to the traditional Google search away opening of the new search service. I am not a fan of vertical search do not see the search results limited to the benefits of the blog.

So, in addition to their statistical link station outside of what is praiseworthy that point? Not a lot. WTF so that they develop on the right track, but this function to do half-hearted. Social media if it wants to go this route, they should pay the full, put this product into the home, like Netscape to do. This class DIGG model will appear more reasonable. But now, WTF is a slag.

Technorati is one of maintaining its authority to rely on the establishment of the internal links on the Top. If Google do the same (but seemingly they are not going to come temporarily), Technorati should shameful birds, unless they have a major in business innovation.

In addition to a Reply

1. "Authoritative" is a measure of corporate value of the most important factor, and then is "time."

2.Technorati faces from the United States other than the multilingual search engine challenge. I think that in North America outside of the blog search, Google BlogSearch is a better choice than Technorati.

3.Technorati and Google in the newsgroup and forums dealing with the lack of time there, but a lot of "dialogue and exchange" will be released in these areas.

4. My vc friend told me that Technorati is a cliff edge, very little income and huge expenses. Technorati consider themselves the value of 225 million U.S. dollars may be over-estimated himself. Their management team is considered "no loud noise to."

5. The best, they can make some things to change the current situation, because I believe they do these are valuable. Some industries will be paid to Technorati cost if they add features and improve the multi-language search capabilities.

3. Translation after the end of Sui Suinian

Of course, the reason is because we all know, Technorati has been accompanied by the VOX and other classmates went to the same time, because the other well-known reasons, we can not at home on a well-known search engine to find the great Great Wall, but there is no use complaining about slightly better than to accept the fact.

The translation of the meaning of this article, but the main thing is to the contrary, the blog search service in China.

China to do so a few blog search, Baidu Needless to say, there is Souyo (but I did yesterday, when actually it is wrong to visit the page, today returned to normal), and a legend in the world's largest Chinese-language blog search engine called the Customer Unfortunately, it seems OUT OF SERVICE, and the leather can only be used ridicule ridicule.

Baidu's blog search seems to be used for their own use of one-third of an acre, the search results where over 90% of all Baidu space, try to search the most famous name of Xu Jinglei's blog, polar sun (I admit that I hate this name), Han Han, etc., in addition to the top of the relevant blog which is really I want to find the content, the following results of the search address of the beginning of a homogeneous hi.baidu.com. IT BLOG circle and then search the key word keso, the old white, moonlight blog, Flying Pig, etc., in addition to the outbreak of the moonlight character blog to keep the first position of the first row of the other keyword search situation is much the same, grasping shrimp Subscribe to more than 1,200 of the Flying Pig blog search on Baidu can not be found in even the shadow (). In this way a search situation, Baidu's search results in the most basic and most important objective is already completely lost, not so much a blog search engine, might as well be said that station search tool.

Look souyo, this service combines DIGG, search, collection networks Zhai, etc., etc., home is also a longer period, Souyo launch also caused some early reports, the problem was more than obvious, however, contains too few elements and structure of the super-complex (this is speaking in terms of compared to Technorati, not to mention GBS), service instability. Contrast Technorati, apart from the lack of authoritative and powerful statistical tool, these advantages, other shortcomings ranging. At the same time, it provides the community of sharing, DIGG LIKE First, there is no feature, and second, the socialization in the domestic share and DIGG LIKE pattern itself does not have succeeded.

Of course, so to speak a bit too much, for this start-up companies can not be demanding, but it can really reflect the level of Souyo this service as a Technorati as an example of a company, Souyo apparently did not find the essence of Technorati, the scenery and seeing the Technorati hard behind the success of the support and waiting for buyers to enter (being taken advantage of directly at Yahoo, I am sorry I said being taken advantage of? I am referring to the acquisition of a strategic vision who do not know if the domestic ^_^), trying to do business vertical search engine persons whether they will re-calculate on an abacus.

In addition to Chinese characteristics, the odd tiger by the community search (which includes part of the blog search) did receive the success of Chinese characteristics, communities and repetitive attention to copyright reposted elsewhere do not constitute a large base of China's Internet, odd tiger Vertical search is indeed unconventional point of view and meaningful, although the practical significance in most cases only for the lower body of some comrades considered. But if it is odd tiger search is "based algorithm," I prefer to think that it is based on the number and editing Replies. However, the blog search is concerned, compared to Baidu blog search and souyo, odd tiger's blog search is also more and more sincerity.

Currently able to use the blog search service point of view, the preferred service or Google BlogSearch, although Google BlogSearch intention of the long delay in the culture (which is not the policy reason?). It seems, does not have options ... ...

Domestic blog search on me personally, when looking through blog search on what I'm doing VOIP-related information in time, from the domestic BLOG In addition to news coverage on the outside but can not find the analysis of the industry the author of a blog in Chinese , in addition to large areas such as IT and finance, the relative lack of foreign countries for a particular industry, discussion groups, a columnist and writer, this is Chinese-language blog ring, and even the media circle in a matter of regret.

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