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After the site has been hacked can we do?

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Invasion of your site there are two kinds of people! Masters, rookie! So, they use methods and means are not the same! These you can access through the site logs. Do not believe you take a look at all rookie logging tools scan, scan does not come out to give up. Master is not the case, they construct a variety of statements that they will attack!

First in terms of prevention:

Counter rookie approach: change your error pages 404,400,500; change the admin path; check whether under its own MD5 passwords by those who crack the code of the Web site included; put all patches are known to play a full; change the default database path and the file name;

Counter-master approach: every day we must go see if there is Han latest official patch! Master general only play 0day

You must do this: install the software, do not select the default path. For example c: \ programfiles \ serv-u, for example d: \ programefile/serv- u; change the default password for your bar, serv-u, mssql, etc.; set the hackers used the directory permissions (the text I will find a small part of the list directory); to delete unwanted software has it, very dangerous; to your site by default precautionary statements have changed perhaps give some thought, poweredbydiscuz such, although there are copyright issues bar! But in other ways you can show ah.

After the invasion of hackers are doing?

1, many of the virtual hosts are more or less very safe, of course, it is not absolute. Perhaps hanging hang rookie race.

2, let your server to become chicken! The most popular is still the right serv-u mention, though we all know, but I still have to tell you as an individual server, 70% can enhance the authority!

3, do not provoke any hacking, or you will become very miserable. (If a bit exaggerated to say)

How to find WEBSHELL

Many hackers have left the back door, whether you are an independent host or server! Find webshell way around the following two kinds:

1, use of tools to find, to find Trojan lake2 scripting tool is very good.

2, see time, view the next time a hacker to change your home page, and then look for the day this time and then time for some of the same document. Of course, now there are a lot of time to change the gadget

3, see strange files. wap.asp css.aspAdmin_Editor.asp.200702002.jpg.php so you may think that they are a normal file incorrect? Do not trust your eyes, open let's see it.

4, the database insert type. My approach is generally not to replace asp database, such as class documentation.

5, waiting for you to add

6, teach you step back approach. Do not move the back door of his page address. Change the contents of your address or an IE Trojan infinite loop statements. Hei hei. This is called Hei Chihei. "Eye for an eye of his body"

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