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Although difficult to promote English site but there is nothing

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Were always accompanied by the growth of pain and suffering, it said something heavy. Said that the promotion of your website, loaded with Chinese websites to promote Sato Road to the point, suddenly stood up in English, people in the workplace, or falls behind, that is such a thing.

Chinese station seems to promote those measures are in English so do not stand out and can not collect, or to be despised by K, not mass, foreign forums and blog too harsh, but in fact is technically feasible, only to open the contents of a no normative data on the English site of refuse, you do not want to damage, lost an edge ad could not immediately posted on the highlights from the past and there is no QQ group, can not bring short-term flows, exchange links? English is not good, then the work can not afford to delay.

Difficulties, and looking for Baidu, Google's help, the results of the actual contents of nothing, a number of well-intentioned people at the most to you are listed in Article 5,6 months ago, you will be grateful to a few days, and then went to see, it seems have been similar so far is simply that it Tips on what to answer questions on Yahoo Answer, blog to do more and do more outside the chain.

People, alas, is looking for "nirvana commands", which piled the meat on the way people really can not reflect the value of God, God is not all you so-called elite, the early days, to write code wind is wind, and the most despised is no technology to do such work can not be standardized, life, ah, like a circle, the originalthought he was, in fact, it is returned to the starting point.

End of grievances made, serious note, there is nothing you, the promotion of English stations I have a few ideas:

(1) conventional means can be done, to answer questions, post artificial, can be done, but not as the main means of promotion.

(2) through a number of Seo tools for supporting some of the work, online if there is no off-the-shelf development on their own.

(3) by providing a number of free open-source theme, modules to achieve promotion, in the English website of the rules of world is this: for all of you, the talent for you, you do not pay for absolutely no return.

(4) a strong call to do the English domestic brothers stand to pick up the mission, we establish a QQ group, set up Web site platform, the establishment of communication mechanisms, and even set up what's around the Association, to organize activities, such as you, a lot of exchange links, more shared resources. Unity is strength you! I moved the Internet experience for many years is this: someone vein, it is necessary to have mutual aidfuture!

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