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Baidu first / GOOGLE K Memorial Station summary

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is really surprising, and not an ordinary good luck, even at the same time by Baidu, GOOGLE K Baba me the poor of the station, or a daily snapshot of the morning, Key words - Shenzhen dig it and dig it ranked number one at nightnot seen, although SITE also to my page, but the ranking is a trace, a time when confusion can not help but laugh, K on the K Bar, originally did not expect you to bring any surprises to give me. Fortunately there are still a network of volunteer work a few nameless, had also helped free publicity, bringing some of IP, chat with self-Wei. However, although the joke may be a good summary of the farmer, then sum up the reasons for the public station for your reference.

1, K Station is the main reason I think about me because of DNS server. Station because it is rented servers, IDC previously used to do a virtual machine, it is estimated that a number of binding sites, and I rented from, and Win2003 + APH2.2 structures, and binding domain szdr8.com. Because it is without solid foundation, the environment or set up by the online method I paste bad settings, can be used anyhow. But now a lot of the problems identified is not my point to all of the domain name is also my server, which is what I, but it is I get distracted for two months, or do not know how to stop the domain name, asked for help did call IDC, IDC sigh the difference between the services, then do not bother to control, and you love nightmeans. Consequences resulting from the search "Shenzhen dig it" out of the same long list of sites, the contents of the I. So arbitrary as, sooner or later, had expected to be K, towed today to come to Baidu is still the face of the foot.

2, K station of times I think about the farmerrecently, writing a lot of sites that point out the things, such as "personal business network, a game is a dream," "I am a successful network showings and rest on its laurels "," corporate web site in detail a number of Frequently Asked Questions "," grumbles from my text to be reproduced in a new station to see the original, "" on the 2nd line business entities to promote the practice of summing up ", etc., I am grateful to the Chinese station points to the published full face, of which two are also top recommendation, the article was reproduced less. But I think perhaps this would be considered a malicious search engine efforts, so the site has given me to punish you.

3, as seen today a master strategy for the promotion of the site, Baidu Knows try to mention one issue, that is the domain name above point to the problem of illegal, of course, with my domain name. Question before the snapshot and ranking site to normal, after question, the top trace. I think this is also the suspect can not escape.

4, add the contents of the theme has nothing to do, add some columns, and perhaps this is one of the reasons why K stands now.

In fact, my station, I really did not care about how the record GOOGLE Baidu and from GOOGLE Baidu and not to the total flow of more than 100 IP, the traffic to my articles are read to find them, and I take the initiative to promote Find years. The reason why this conclusion, it is with the trend, despite a "not too Baidu" mouth had been addicted to Bo to your attention only.

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