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CMS station should be selected as an alternative to one of Drupal

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Drupal is currently in China is still a bland, nothing too much name recognition, a lot of new station attracted to, but in high technology seems to Drupal threshold drum beat retreat. Here there are many misconceptions about Drupal.

Drupal is the first technical experts who are prepared. Drupal is indeed master of the early take some time, but survive as long as this stage, the back will become a strong Drupal experience the flexibility of architecture in a building block to describe the use of Drupal is the most suitable, so stop using Drupal as architecture in a building block . Moreover, these building blocks (Drupal module) all are free of charge and this is very different from Joomla. At present, overseas, in addition to using the Drupalprogrammers, as well as lawyers, teachers. Obama the new President of the United States technical staff were also selected Drupal has built a U.S. economic recovery site.

Drupal can not support the second large-scale traffic. drupal.org community drupal that is built with Drupal, and its traffic and activity is very alarming, I think, except a few large domestic portal sites in general have nothing to worry about can not be supported by Drupal, Drupal As the efficiency of indeed there is room for optimization, depending on the technical capacity of regulators.

Drupal third of the Chinese is not good enough. Drupal Chinese background incomplete indeed many developers are unwilling to opt for outsourcing of Drupal, because the customers to accept the whole of Chinese background, but abandoned this part of business Enterprises Website, the majority of individuals to choose more suitable site is Drupal, and a small number of English terms are familiar with the needs of regulators and understanding of a process.

Fourth inactive Drupal community. Sound domestic Drupal community not ring true, and even many in the selection of CMS station when, Drupal basic options are not as prepared. However, in foreign countries is another picture of a, Drupal pressure in the CMS rankings Joomla won the first comprehensive evaluation, drupal community due to the operation of standardization was developed by leaps and bounds.

With the idea of personal websites do change stations, it is necessary to have a more personal site's unique features and better scalability, Drupal can not be ignored as an option!

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