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English website of the basic elements of optimization

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English site Seo optimization of the basic elements:

1. Through the Google adwords tool https: / / adwords.google.com / select / KeywordToolExternal survey about your products and services search keywords.

2. To determine the keywords you added to the page title, a different page with different keywords. Title tag not more than 70 English characters.

3. To add pages for these keywords meta description. Most meta description not more than 155 characters. Appear in the meta description and keywords that do not have your exact match keyword optimization, keyword meta description as long as there in it.

4. And then the content page with h1 tag: <h1> Welcome to XXX sites - keyword </ h1>. H1 tag and then there can add keywords to other text, to play down the deal.

5. And then at the beginning of the paragraph in the article with the title of those keywords appear, this time the need for exact match keywords. In addition you can add a single word in English keywords or change the form of the plural. I tend to repeat in the first paragraph of Article 2 keywords, but not too much to repeat the number.

6. In other sites only the reverse link, the link contains a description of the keywords you choose and their singular and plural variations.

7. Your site than you need for more competition in the reverse link site, the PR value of acquaintance with the good page optimization only will it be possible for these keywords in the search results more than their ranking. According to these highly competitive keywords extent, your site may also be more than a certain amount of time waiting for them (this is the so-called Google Sandbox). Google prefer the old site and old backlinks.

On the basic elements of SEO so much that it is not so complicated. If you look at a time when the Internet, you will find that the vast majority of English website did not do the most basic optimization. So as long as you do the work of several basic optimization, your site will have a good chance in the search results standing in the front.

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