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Enhance ease of use of website design skills 10

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What is the ease of use?

Ease of use that is your site for users to use more simple, to allow users to place he needs to find the information they need quickly. Advocated by analogy to Google's "Google allows users to stay a long time to reduce", for web sites, we do not reduce the user stay on the site, but to shorten the user guide to find key information and time.

Many people think that if a site needs to use a lot of human, financial and material resources, there are a lot of big sites that they put a lot of money and equipment to do site-to-use research and testing, but for our day-to-day small site, we are still methods of experts and professionals in the absence of equipment to improve the site based on ease of use.

One that contains the word propaganda (Tagline).

Propaganda is a term used to indicate that the company philosophy, objectives or vision for the local site. This part of website should be the most eye-catching part of the language should be a brief summary of the site. The results showed that only 8 seconds a page the time to attract a user to continue his visit, so if not eye-catching focal point to attract users, it is the failure of this page.

Many foreign countries use the site Tagline or eye-catching Flash, the site can also be internally so, and sometimes more than the contents of the time, Banner + also can be the focus of plans, the plan to distinguish between different types of sites to treat. For example, product-based website, is entirely possible to use only a focus of plans or unique eye-catching to attract the attention of the Flash, in the case of information category or topic category page, you may not only have a Banner, to highlight the theme of this page, It should also be the focus map, to show some recent developments. Produced by the need to continue to experience the process of accumulation.

Enhance ease of use of website design <a href=skills 10" />

Picture not clear? Click here to view the image (larger).

Enhance ease of use of website design skills 10

Picture not clear? Click here to view the image (larger).

Enhance ease of use of website design skills 10

Picture not clear? Click here to view the image (larger).

Second, the provision of Site Search.

Search for users is also very important, especially when the contents of the site began to increase gradually so that users can not easily find what he wants, the user tends to think of search. Can you imagine that to park in the blog to find one by one through the connection before you have seen an article of a pain now.

Search box length and location we need to also add a little note that is not too small, the best location on the upper right region, because according to the user's browsing habits shows "F" trend (F Pattern), the best text of the submit button to clear tell the user, then the action will take place search.

Enhance ease of use of website design skills 10

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Third, images can not be abused.

From the perspective of ease of use, Less Is Always More.

Fourth, the use of the site map.

Site map is a station to improve navigation and search engine optimization (SEO) features. A typical site provides a site map structure and the navigation page. Site map can be in any form, can be a web page, a list of some pages, as long as they are organized in accordance with the level of relations on the line.

Recently, Google, Yahoo, MSN started to provide services to Sitemap Protocol, with the site map is very similar, but the form of xml data is organized.

Fifth, do not undermine the workflow.

workflow refers to the user on the site of the operation carried out by, for example, fill out the form, registered users to browse directories, files, and so on, to allow users to operate revoked, if there is no back or return to provide the option, the user will be forced to do what they do not want to do the action, or they will simply turn off the browser to a clean map.

Some sites on the operation of the order is not so clear, the time needed to guide the user prompt. For example, when the Yahoo Music when the first time, there will be a wizard to guide you step-by-step with each functional area page. Play games when there will be teaching this aspect of the game, if the site also provided, which would bring about a good user experience.

There is also a misunderstanding is to change the hyperlink style. Tradition is often a gateway to allow hyperlinks to stay in his original look, this can clear instructions to the user, this is a hyperlink, by clicking, I can enter a new page. Of course, I do not agree with a certain style of hyperlinks can not be changed, but if changed, we will certainly need to show icons or text, users can click the link to reach a page.

6, so that site more easily "scanning."

To improve the readability of the contents of the loyalty of users, allows users to remain at the site of the content they need. However, studies have shown that many users do not read the page, but in the "scanning", by scanning headlines, highlighted text, highlighted in the list to get information.

Jacbo Nilsen found through visual tracking of a user's browser much like the F-type, from top to bottom they are left to use the "Scan" page.

Enhance ease of use of website design skills 10

Picture not clear? Click here to view the image (larger).

His experiments at the same time you come to a conclusion:

The user is not a word to read a word, but from the paragraph, focusing on the text to extract information.

The first two paragraphs of the article is very important, these two must include most of the contents of this article.

Subtitle and the list can be re-aroused the attention of users, pay attention to these elements to highlight important content.

From the traditional paper-based media have to tell us the experience, content organized into an inverted pyramid. The key question is, how can we know what information the user is important information for users who are not important, the authors recommend a tool: News Values.

Seven, not the design of the interface elements can be misleading.

Do not design that actually looks like a button rather than the content, we are often those with the underlined text to mislead, when we click, it was found that they are not links!

Yahoo is a good example of the positive.

8, gives the user meaningful advice.

This point we should have a consensus, and not to direct the output to the error page, users should be given processed, the user can understand the information.

9, not the excessive use of Javascript.

Excessive use of javascript and Ajax technology, we need to carefully avoid browser compatibility problems, we have to a very good measure of this price.

10, to avoid authentication Fu.

Address the use of authentication in place must be added, if not necessary, or to comply with the nature of human laziness, which verify the site to remove it.

Summary: The ease of use to enhance web site does not necessarily need to follow the beaten track, but do not have enough skill, these rules can provide us with the direction of a very good point. These rules of debate for many, such as address verification to avoid the use of, in many cases, we must address the use of authentication to avoid the emergence of spam, just like when the plane of the security, though it is a matter of people uncomfortable , but he has his purpose.

Site is not user-friendly site of all, we need to ease of use, page design, site maintenance and security trade-offs between the different types of projects to adopt a different strategy.

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