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Feng Zhiliang: Analytic Web site in search engines have been addressing the causes

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Site in the search engines have been deal with, such as the Web site home page search is not included, the website has been pulled out included the decline in ranking, all sites have been dealing with the phenomenon. Site has been dealing with a webmaster, one of the most headaches. The following is a network analyst, network planners Mr. Feng Zhiliang a brief analysis of several have been dealing with the causes and the appropriate measures.

The stability of the server is running, when the search engines to crawl, the server has not properly run, the log whether the return is 200 status code? If the 200 status code, it is just a temporary phenomenon, flat mentality, search engines such as major updates released.

Most search engine robots have to comply with the agreement, if the robots written are set incorrectly, included a direct impact on search engine spiders work, check the robots.txt file settings are correct.

Does the site in order to promote the use of keywords means of cheating, such as keywords modify, amend the title, keyword density, Meta attribute changes, the website content structure, content, cheating and so on, if the site content optimization properly, would have very serious consequences.

Site hit hacker attacks, can not be opened or to be placed Trojan horses, viruses, etc. This phenomenon is not generally handled by the search engines, but the impact of user experience, if the complaint has been search engine users will be subject to search engine sites manually adjusted.

Web site content is not modified, set the 404 turn, or the javascript or server 301 jump turn 302 turn are likely to impact on sites such as trust, be punished processing.

Website Link Exchange co-operation, if some sites are search engines that cheating and punished, while you stand just to exchange with them, and sometimes also been implicated, the website Link was too diverse, the same search engine, K out facing the risk of chance.

If the site has been copied too much, not only lead to a site trust fall, sometimes search engines will mistake your site, or collect other sources and to copy the site to face suspected copying, if the site weights and high impact web site trust, facing k risk.

If your site has to be a search engine ranking ads bid, when the auction ad removed, sometimes facing the danger of dealing with search engines, ranging from top down, then the sites have been re-k and so on. So the auction ads are not helping us to do long-term development, when you just have money, and money when you Over, or natural rankings Well.

If your site uses the information in the direction of mass promotion, as this can sometimes be counter-phenomenon, roots of information website has been sentenced to cheat search engines, search engines pay attention to co-operation to promote, if it is a large number of manual, mass software delivery information inappropriate, and sometimes sites will also be K out.

Sometimes the replacement server, and now will follow the replacement site ip, if your IP address of the server, just a lot of search engines that cheating websites, IP addresses blocked by search engines, so, if your site is also placed in the top, the same effects have also been implicated, was sentenced to cheat search engine site.

1, if your site domain name has been registered earlier, the early domain name search engine sites have been blocked cheating, then if they use their domain name then you should also be at risk.

2, the website too much binding domain, domain names vary and the same, sometimes sentenced to cheat search engines by being k processing.

If your site's content may be inconsistent with the state's legal information, there is a sex, gambling, reactionary and other illegal information, the website will be dealt with because the state regulations do not charge Xu dissemination of such information, search engines also respect the law and will not violate any applicable laws provided to the search engine users.

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