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Google ads should be placed on the League website where

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Google ad content with the best position to vary. In determining the location of your ads, please consider the following questions:

Users access to my site What is the purpose?

Users when a particular page in the browser what to do?

The user's attention may be focused on where?

Without prejudice to the premise of users, how can advertising into this area?

How can we maintain the appearance of web pages crisp, clean and attractive?

Google ads should be placed on the League <a href=website where" />

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Some locations than any other location more conducive to success. This "heat map" to a sample page layout that the location of these ideals. From a deep orange color (best) gradually faded to light yellow (weakest performance). All other conditions being equal, above the fold than the fold line location of the location of more help to achieve better results. Typically, in the rich content and navigation markers placed near the ads better, because users will pay attention to these pages.

Although the heat map as a useful guide to advertising space, we still strongly recommended to determine when the advertisements would be the first to consider the location of the user. To consider their behavior on different pages, as well as what they are most useful and visible. You will find that, in some pages, the best ad placement is not always as you expected.

For example, users often pay attention to an article to read the page, edit content directly placed in the bottom of the ad at the end of easy access to very good results. After reading it seems that users always have to ask ourselves: "What can you do next?" Accurately targeted ads can answer this question.

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