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How to make Web site escape Baidu and Google Sandbox Sandbox

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Into the sand box in general for the following reasons

1. Web site cheating, 2. Web site evaluation into the sand box, 3. May be the problem of so-called auction.

Wedding photography in Xiamen recently embarked network www.laopo520.com, a few general among the top 10, with the exception of Xiamen marriage gauze Top Rank has been shielded by Baidu. Four weeks ago has been ranked 20th of 21 appeared from time to time, traffic sometimes comes from the first page ranking, this station Jianzhan 2 months, PR3 contains more than 1000, Baidu included every day, every day snapshot, analysis, within the next link and for external links are very reasonable, and also no keyword stuffing or maliciously to increase keyword density. Why get the favor of search engine was simply blown away for no reason has been shielded position.

Personal Seo empirical analysis

This station is a new station in the establishment of more than 2 months, if a fast development of the new station, and very quickly to account for the old station rankings, search engines will be on this station for examination, consider the station's eligibility ranking, If there is no will temporarily placed in the sandbox. Baidu's the sandbox soon be released, GG sand box, a general guilty of serious cheating, take a few months or even a year before they can resume, a pen pal friend stop by over-optimized, entry GG sandbox 7 months, still did not release, but Baidu's ranking is very good, great flow.

On the settlement of the sand box method of Baidu personal simplification 4:00

Adhere to a daily update site content, work hard stop.

2 review links, remove invalid link spam.

3 to do related links can be updated daily due to increase foreign company.

4 Do not take a malicious black transition optimization, cheating on the OK

These are my many years of experience in SEO optimization, and share with you, hope to some friends into the sandbox and research SEO optimized friends to help.

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