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How to use the blog Pension Station: About the new site link exchange Resources

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The new station, to find the time to exchange links are generally unwilling to do. So, in general the new station, or someone he wants to body clock resources, or will be able to solely through their own efforts, some people do things with the blog chain, and some people use the forum signature (because today's large forums AD Special sensitive), some kind of a person to exchange links site. There are many ways a lot, here, I'll talk to do with the blog link to some of the ways:

1. Blog continuously updated high-quality articles. (Articles may be original, may also be pseudo-original. To use the portal's blog to conduct original and pseudo-original is the best, because they have a high weight of the blog, we are continuing inside paste made of high quality can be improved views to increase the weight. In this way, both to increase our number of foreign chains, but also can improve the blog weight. While the workload a bit, but it is definitely value for money, worth it.

2. Link optimization, do not blindly each link is a link to the home page to go. The right to do with the anchor text links, such as mine, Guangzhou, seo, Guangzhou, Seo training, web site promotion in Guangzhou to do links.

3. This point I have not experimented with, but my subjective judgments. If a blog where every one article, only link to a Web site, in the ordinary view, that this blog will certainly consult that site's subordinates, or certainly anything to do with. Search engines will not be like that, I would not conclude that the. But we can gado several links, as we fear that keyword density is too high, but added a number of text as simple as that can play a dilution role. A seo predecessors said there was no seo is the best seo. However, I think there is no such border to go to price too difficult, so we pay attention to nature, such as keywords, like naturally occurring on it. .

The above three points, yes I saw someone on the outside the chain of methods summed up, and hope for all of us.

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